A fire was reported in Magic Kingdom – this is what happened next

As magical as Disney World may be, emergencies and evacuations can occur in parks, resorts, and transportation.

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We’ve seen evacuated commutes, closed transportation and more. The night before, a fire broke out in the Magic Kingdom, causing some emergency vehicles to be sent to the park. Below is how Disney treated guests after the fire.

As noted above, A fire was reported in the Magic Kingdom today. According to DFB reader @ Rosieredsara83 on Instagram, The Royal Cinderella Table was evacuated after a cast member reported a fire. Emergency vehicles were also seen near Cinderella Castle.

Emergency vehicles in Magic Kingdom

You may be wondering how Disney treated guests after this fire was reported. This is what we saw from reports for readers and more.

Close to the Castle Area

It first appears that the Royal Cinderella Table was evacuated (as noted above). The area around the Castle seems to have been evacuated as well. Another reader, @ptolley, shared a video from Main Street, USA on Twitter showing the situation.

There appeared to be an active fire alarm, and fire trucks and ambulances circulating on Main Street, USA.

Other guests also shared more photos of the evacuation near the castle, such as Stacey on Twitter (@StaySeeGo).

In the video below, you can see some guests evacuated from the castle. Looks like they were heading for some outside stairs.

This is a look at some of the evacuations that took place near the castle. Then more action was taken in Magic Kingdom.

Main Street, USA

About 30 minutes after the first reports of the fire arrived (from what we saw), we saw that guests shared photos and information indicating that much of Main Street, USA, was blocked.

Image by DFB reader @ptolley_ on Twitter

Some guests stayed in the central area or on Main Street, USA while waiting for further instructions from the cast members.

A reader shared that there were a large number of cast members throughout the park, ensuring that guests do not get too close to the area where the situation occurred.

Crowd in the center of Magic Kingdom

Note that this is for guests who were already in the park, but some guests had not yet entered the Magic Kingdom that night.

Outside the Park

Outside of Magic Kingdom, many guests were waiting to enter the Disney Very Merriest After Hours event, which is scheduled to take place tonight.

Magic Kingdom Crowds

A reader, @ Rosieredsara83, shared it guests outside the park were detained at the main entrance and were initially not allowed to enter.

Of course, this is just what we’ve been told. This is a developing situation. It appears that the Disney team moved quickly to evacuate guests, block certain areas to keep them safe, and make sure people could assess and manage the situation.

Since then, Disney has issued a statement on the fire stating that there was one small fire that was extinguished with fire extinguishers and no one was injured.

Click here to see more about his statement.

It is important to keep in mind that this is how this particular emergency situation was handled, but emergency situations can be handled in different ways depending on various factors.

As wonderful as it is and can be Disney World, things like this can happen. It is important to be prepared for possible emergencies, especially if you are traveling with young children.

Another look at the crowd

Before any possible emergency, review the rules for your family. Make sure everyone knows how to stay calm and listen to the cast members. If you travel with younger children, make sure they know where to reunite with you if they break up, or make sure they know how to ask a cast member for help and provide them with your phone number.

Click here to see what happens when a child gets lost in Disney World.

Remember that in any emergency, it is critical to listen to and follow the instructions of cast members and be aware of your surroundings. You can check out our video below for more information on how to handle this type of situation at Disney World.

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