Are Prix-Fixe Menus Disney’s “New” Dining Plan?

Fixed price menus, or multi-course meals at a singular fixed price, have become more common at Disney World. More recently, the menus of new restaurants like Space 220 are totally focused on the fixed price experience (the other new EPCOT restaurant, The Paris Creperie, also has a fixed price option on its menu). Some long-standing restaurants have also switched to a fixed-price model, including Be our guest restaurant, Royal Cinderella Table, and the new three – course menu at California Grill for the 50th anniversary celebration.

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Is it just a new way of Disney World? to make guests pay more for more food than they will actually eat while disguising it as a bargain?

If so, then tits would make fixed price menus very similar in design to the Disney dining plan it seems like a bargain, especially if you consider the amount of food included. But, is a lot hard to save money on the dining plan. In a nutshell, the Disney Dining Plan is a prepaid supplement to your vacation package that allows a certain number of meals and snacks from restaurant service counter and table service per day. Although the dining plan includes a lot of comfort, it has a price that almost guarantees that Disney is doing it month money from your vacation.

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To save money on Disney’s dining plan, you should eat at the most expensive restaurants and order the most expensive items from the menu every day to get ahead. If you had to buy the Disney’s standard dining plan by 2020 (which included a quick service meal and a table service meal, plus two snacks per person per day), would have cost you $ 78 per adult per day i $ 38.50 per child per day (Even the free Dining Plan offer that came out each year before the 2020 closings is designed to make you pay more, as it is often linked to a more expensive hotel stay).

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When you reduce all of these numbers and compare prices with Disney World menus, you’ll be challenged to reach that $ 78 threshold every day. But the big selling point of the Dining Plan is comfort. Your meals are prepaid, giving your holiday an all-inclusive feel. While this may justify the cost to some guests, if you want to get the most out of your vacation, it’s probably best to skip the Dining Plan and pay for pocket food.

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Of course, every guest for more than a year has had to pay for their meals out of pocket. This is because, from this writing, Disney’s dining plan is yet to come. Disney has stated that they intend to reclaim the dining plan, but its timing and how it may look when it returns is still in question. Until then, Disney may have been thinking of new ways to get guests to pay more for food. Enter: the fixed price menu.

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Which Disney World guest benefits from a fixed price menu?

While fixed price menus are designed to make guests pay more for food than they normally would, this does not necessarily mean that fixed price menus are not for anyone! There are some benefits associated with dining at a restaurant where you can order a set menu at a fixed price.

Florida Red Snapper from space 220

Similar to the Dining Plan, Fixed price menus are ideal for those who want this unique fixed price for what they will pay – you know exactly what you’re paying for and you know exactly what you’re getting for that price. There is a kind of “comfort” that comes from knowing when you enter what you will pay per person, making the price tag easier to swallow.

Prawns and semolina from the Royal Cinderella Table

Please note that fixed price menus are different from the Dining Plan, as when you purchase the Dining Plan, your meal is prepaid before you even arrive at Disney World. With fixed price menus, you usually still pay the bill at dinner time. Too, no all included with some fixed price menus. Some add-ons could further increase the price of your meal, such as menu improvements (think of these new supplements in space 220), additional trims, i alcoholic drinks. And, like the Dining Plan, free of charge is not included.

Roast pork tenderloin from Be Our Guest

If you enjoy buffets i family meals at Disney World, you’ll probably also enjoy the benefits of a fixed-price menu. These two dining experiences are almost like “casual” fixed price menus, as you pay that fixed price per guest., and from here you can have your gastronomic experience “choose your own adventure”.

Family style lunch at Garden Grill

If you are booking the same restaurants during your holiday as Garden Grill, Freedom Tree Tavern, Beer garden, etc., then you may be the type of guest who thinks that fixed price menus are convenient ways to pay for your food while you’re at Disney World.

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Which Disney World guest might NOT be the best price?

In short, fixed price menus will not be adequate guests who want more money and don’t want to fill up on food. But there are other cases where fixed price menus are not ideal.


Fixed-price menus, such as buffets, family meals, and the basic premise of Disney’s dining plan, are designed to serve you a lot of food, making you feel like you’re making a good bargain, when in fact, Disney is likely to cover you (yes, even with ALL this food). And if you’re a light eater, you might end up with wasted food on your plate and / or an invoice that you probably don’t have to pay so much to order.

California Grill

Fixed price menus are also not ideal for any guest with a dietary restriction. While Disney World is known to be extremely complacent with those with dietary restrictions or food allergies, fixed price menus can corner you with the unique vegetarian option on this menu or the only food not included in the menu. · Common allergen. Not to mention the value of a plate of vegetables does not approach the value of a plate of meat, but you will pay the same fixed price.

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Similar to the dining plan, you may not have even thought about ordering dessert with each meal, but since you paid for it, you’ll find room for it, even if you don’t really need that slice of cake (while we’re all advocates of eat delicious slices of cake, you may not enjoy it after the third or fourth day of vacation). Pricing menus essentially “force” you to eat more than your body normally eats. This can lead to many desserts that have just been thrown away. Even if you decide not to participate in the final course, you are leaving money on the table.

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Can we expect more fixed price menus to appear at Disney World?

Disney World mentioned it earlier this year they plan to recover the Dining Plan, tan fixed-price menus don’t seem to be completely “replacing” Disney’s dining plan. For now, Fixed-price menus act as an a la carte dining plan (Strange as that may be … since the menu is the complete opposite of the Dining Plan … and the complete opposite of a fixed price menu … you understand what we are saying).

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That said, since Disney World usually ends up making MORE money per guest when they sign up for the Dining Plan, they may be applying the same logic by introducing more fixed price options on their menus as a way to make more money for guests who would not normally consider a fixed-price dining experience or who usually order a dish, instead of a three-course meal. For the most sought after places like Be Our Guest or Cinderella’s Royal Table, the allure of getting food in these stunning places can outweigh the negatives of the high cost of a fixed price meal.

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For example, think about it California Grill – for the entire celebration of the 50th anniversary (which lasts until April 2023), its menu has been completely changed to a fixed three-course menu, and guests will not be able to order a la carte as they did in the past. This three-course menu costs money $ 89 per adult, which includes an aperitif, a starter and a dessert. This means that if you want to experience this unique restaurant and its stellar views of the fireworks, you can’t book a reservation and just order dessert. You will have to commit to the full dining experience and the accompanying price tag.

View of California Grill’s Disney Enchantment

Let’s also look at what it would cost you 1 table service credit in the Dining Plan (an à la carte dinner at Chefs de France at EPCOT) for a fixed price dinner at Espai 220. As of this writing, Chefs de France’s most expensive combination of snacks, starters and desserts would add up to $ 68.95 pre-tax and tip ($ 16.25 for your cheese charcuterie, $ 39.75 for grilled beef fillet and $ 12.95 for a chocolate cake). At the LOW end, a three-course meal there would cost you $ 47.89. (French onion soup for $ 10.95, ratatouille for $ 24.99 and Creme Brulee for $ 11.95). A three-course dinner at Space 220 costs $ 79 per adult pre-tax and tip (it’s worth noting here, as we pointed out at the outset, that Chefs de France has also recently added a fixed-price three-course menu option for $ 59.90, with an alcoholic beverage included, which it actually seems like a solid value compared to its a la carte prices, i.e. if you order the right food).

Space 220 Desserts

Ultimately, the big question for you as you plan your next Disney World vacation is whether fixed price food is a value or a total pitfall? As mentioned above, some guests may find that the intangible benefits justify the price, while others may want to follow the usual menus.

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Until Disney World returns the Dining Plan or distributes more fixed-price menus, we won’t know for sure if this has been a new way to get guests to pay more for food. As with any decision on how to spend your Disney World vacation money, it can make a big difference to do your due diligence when calculating numbers before booking your trip, as well as before deciding where you want to go. dinner and where to book your advance food reservations.

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