BREAKING: A fire has been reported near Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom. Emergency vehicles at the theme park.

Things don’t always turn out as planned at Disney World!

Cinderella Castle

Whether it’s an unexpected evacuation from a trip, technical issues with the My Disney Experience app, or even a floating float, you never know what might happen when you’re visiting. I, today it was reported that a popular site in the Magic Kingdom caught fire.

According to the DFB reader, @ Rosieredsara83 on Instagram, The Royal Cinderella Table has been evacuated and emergency response vehicles have been sent to Cinderella Castle this evening after a cast member reported a fire. The area around the castle is also being evacuated with another reader. @ptolley sharing a video from Main Street, USA on Twitter.

Since then, more Disney World guests have shared photos of the evacuation that is taking place, including this shot from near Cinderella Castle by Stacey on Twitter (@StaySeeGo).

@thepirateadventuerer also posted a video on TikTok explaining that there is visible smoke coming out of the bridge under Cinderella Castle and that there are several emergency vehicles on site as members of the cast clean up the area.


Disneyworld Castle Smoke and maybe fire? #Disneyworld #Firetruck #Scary #Intense #Panic #WTF #Castle

Original so original – thepirateadventuerer

Here you have a look at the evacuation of the back of the castle where the smoke is also seen.

Now, about 30 minutes after reports arrived, cast members have pushed guests away from the castle, and much of Main Street, USA, is currently blocked as fire trucks remain on the scene.

Image by DFB reader @ptolley_ on Twitter

Most emergency vehicles appear to be near the bridge connecting Main Street, USA and Liberty Square to the park.

Emergency vehicles in Magic Kingdom

However, guests have not been completely evacuated from the park. Instead, many have gathered in the central area or on the main street while waiting for further instructions. According to a reader inside the park, they have locks of Cast Members everywhere that prevent people from approaching.

Crowd in the central area of ​​Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Very Merriest After Hours is scheduled to take place this evening, but guests are currently staying at the main entrance, as shared by DFB reader @ Rosieredsara83.

Since then, Disney has issued a statement on reports of a fire, according to the theme park reporter Scott Gustin on Twitter (@ScottGustin), stating that “There was a small fire in the Magic Kingdom. The fire was quickly extinguished with fire extinguishers. No one was injured.” Gustin also shared: “Update: The small fire broke out in a covered area near the castle moat. A single fire extinguisher extinguished the fire.”

This is a developing situation and we will provide you with all the latest updates, so be sure to stay tuned to DFB!

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