BREAKING: Fire reported near Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom, emergency vehicles respond

Not every day at Disney World is a walk in the park.

A foggy morning at the Magic Kingdom

Sometimes it’s a super foggy morning, or the attractions close, or the means of transportation don’t work, or the Skyliner gondolas crash. Then there are times like today.

According to the Disney Food Blog, the Royal Cinderella Table was evacuated tonight and emergency vehicles were dispatched after a fire was reported to the Reedy Creek Fire Department. Smoke was seen under the Cinderella Castle Bridge, according to a TikTok video from @thepirateadventurer.


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Original so original – thepirateadventuerer

Fire trucks were traveling on Main Street in the United States, and fire and rescue vehicles stopped in front of Cinderella Castle. Reader @ptolley has shared a photo of Magic Kingdom, directly from Main Street, USA

I @coastercrew shared this video of fire trucks and emergency vehicles making their way down Main Street, USA

Several sections of the park have been blocked and guests have been prevented from leaving Plaça de la Llibertat.

The guests stopped in the Plaza de la Libertad

UPDATE: How you shared journalist Scott Gustin on Twitter, Disney released a statement about the event. According to Disney, “There was a small fire in Magic Kingdom. The fire was quickly extinguished with fire extinguishers. No one was injured.”

Gustin he further updated that the fire “was extinguished by a single fire extinguisher.” He went on to say that it happened “in a covered area near the moat of the castle”.

This story is unfolding, so stay tuned to AllEars for more details and information as we learn more!

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