Exploring authentic culturally inspired images seen in “Harmonious” at EPCOT

“Harmonious,” EPCOT’s spectacular new nightclub, has thrilled guests every night since the start of the 18-month-old Walt Disney World Resort 50.th Birthday celebration, gathering everyone around World Showcase Lagoon. This is a show that can only be done at EPCOT. “Harmonious” illuminates our shared humanity and celebrates the power of Disney music to unite us as a global community, with a set of music artists from around the world reinterpreting familiar Disney songs with their own voice, honoring their respective cultures.

From the beginning, the park has shown a unique visual signature: from the architectural iconography of the Earth spacecraft to the symbolic graphic design and logo to the seasonal and global decoration. Our team leading the EPCOT transformation has focused on new expressions that convey this visual identity by involving artists, cultural experts and talent from around the world to bring new design concepts to life. This is especially evident with “Harmonious”. In addition to the amazing music, the show is also a visual tour de force, artistically inspired by various cultures to present a unique look and style in each sequence throughout the show.

Once the opening act sets us on a journey, the global journey of “Harmonious” begins in the Middle East with Disney’s “Aladdin” “Arabian Nights” and images inspired by Arabic calligraphy and designs. geometric. The music for “The Jungle Book” is accompanied by traditional Indian shadow puppets, handmade for the show by a multigenerational family of Tholu Bommalata artists from India.

'Harmonious' at EPCOT

The song “Reflection” features Chinese ink painting, with important contributions from a Chinese graphic artist. Motion capture techniques were also used to accurately convey the movement of Chinese martial artists in the “Mulan” scenes and Mexican folk dancers in the “Coco” sequence, for which the original art of skulls Mexican sugar was also provided by Pixar Animation Studios artist Ana. Ramirez.

The songs of “The Lion King” are displayed in an artistic style inspired by bold and colorful African fabrics. In the European sequence, a stained glass look is used, including a look at the famous rose window of Notre Dame Cathedral, during “Out There”, moving to the Scottish woven tapestries for “Touch the Sky” by ” Brave “. And the vibrant style seen with “Dig a Little Deeper” in the North American sequence with Gospel infusion is inspired by the work of Harlem Renaissance artist Aaron Douglas, who also served as inspiration from Walt Disney Animation Studios to create the look of the movie. “The Princess and the Frog.”

In developing the true “Harmonious” images, our Disney Live Entertainment and Walt Disney Imagineering teams worked closely with a wide range of cultural consultants and artists, including people from the National Museum of African Art and international programs at the Kennedy Center. as well as with independent people. advisers representing each of the cultures and countries represented on the show. Striving for precision and authenticity, the teams also connected with Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios filmmakers and cultural consultants, as well as Imageryering artists and designers from around the world. The whole project was a work of love for all involved.

For more information on “Harmonious,” be sure to watch the latest episode of the original Disney + series, “Disney Insider,” which is now playing and includes a behind-the-scenes look at the show’s development with Disney Live Entertainment creative executive Steven Davison. and Yaron Spiwak, senior music producer and creative director of Walt Disney Imagineering.

“Harmonious” is a key component of our ongoing transformation of EPCOT, which continues in 2022 with the openings of Connections Café and Eatery in World Celebration and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in World Discovery. Be sure to follow the Disney Parks Blog and me, @thezachriddley on Instagram, for regular updates on all the exciting developments that bring to life the magic of possibilities at EPCOT.

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