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Last night in LA, hosted by Spotify A completely normal party for 2021 Featuring audio activation, wrap-themed products, DJ mixing their sets and a performance from One and only Gwen Stefani. For the record Gwen is lucky enough to be behind the scenes to ask a few questions around her busy year and Spotify Rapad, and we’ve even got her to share a message with loyal fans who have found the artist their own wrapping results.

You’ve had a great year on Spotify with a 36% stream increase by 2020. What are some of the events and moments of this year that you want to bring with you in 2022?

Some of my favorite musical moments from last year were being able to come up with new songs. Gave up “Slow clap (with sweetie)“At the beginning of the year. I had to go back to Vegas to do my ‘Just a Girl’ residency. What a blessing to be able to do those shows — I never thought I would have a residency in Vegas! In the year I am looking forward to the release of new music.

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As an iconic artist with a long history, how do you use tools Wrap for 2021 artists And Spotify for artists To help you stay engaged longer and with new fans?

I like to see where people are coming from, what they are hearing and how they are finding me — it’s always changing and amazing to see. Can I actually see how many people in the world are listening to my music right now? That’s very good.

Who were some of the artists you have heard repeat this year? How about playlists and podcasts?

This year, I married my best friend, Blake Shelton. He wrote a song for me when we got married, “We can reach the stars“So I listen to a lot of country music. I love it too Post Malone.

My most listened to playlist of 2021 was probably New music on Friday. When I’m working, I use that time to find new songs of my choice.

Over the past few years, there have been my favorite daily podcasts Pastor Rick’s daily hope The podcast is about physical exercise for my mental health and spiritual exercise for my heart.

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As a part No doubt, You have given the world a number of girl-power music that resonates even today. Do you see the same kind of women empowerment happening in the lyrics now?

There are going to be some artists who are always honest and truthful, regardless of their gender. This is the kind of song that really speaks to people. When I wrote the song, I didn’t consciously try to influence anyone because of my gender. I am just telling my truth and what I have seen and felt. There was no agenda and no plan. There will always be artists who truly speak from their hearts, and I can certainly see some of those artists today.

You want to tell those who were on them 2021 Spotify Wrap?

Thank you for listening to my songs all these years. I could not be mine without you.

Stream Nguyen Stephanie’s latest EP, Just a girl, Down.

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