Imagine the desire of Disney: construction upgrades from Germany

Hi, Claire here! I come to you from the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, where the Disney Wish is being built. As one of the Imagineers leading the creative direction of Walt Disney Imagineering Germany, I oversee the design efforts of numerous interior spaces aboard the Disney Wish. It has been a dream come true to spray pixie dust all over the booths.

Your cabin is truly your home by the sea: it is quiet, soothing, functional and steeped in charming details that make it unique to Disney. The story of how the booths came to find their home in the Disney Wish is almost as magical as the end result!

Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes to see how the Imagineers bring magic to life? I’m happy to give you the 411 on building cabins.

The design process begins with collaboration. We spent years working with designers and artists to examine every detail; carefully considering how color, light, and shapes interact to ensure that the environment we create is relaxing and magical. Since most of the finished pieces for Disney Wish were made off-site, our team created hundreds of mock-ups before final construction to visualize how everything came together. It’s all about attention to detail!

Once the design is complete, we do “full steam” on the production line! The 1,254 cabins are manufactured in an assembly line, where each piece is carefully installed on a conveyor belt. This ranges from furniture and walls to artwork and lighting.

The final magic touch is when the cabins are placed on the ship. That’s right: a crane lifts each one and places it on the Disney Wish.

The cabins are the perfect combination of what Imagineering does best: art and technical perfection. It is a priority that every aspect of our design is both narratively beautiful and highly functional to give you the best experience! All we do is think of our guests.

Disney Wish Guest Room

When the Disney Wish goes out to sea next June and you are finally at rest after a day of adventure and charm, I hope you can feel a little more magic knowing that each piece has been carefully designed to bring the Disney stories.

I will give you a clue of what is to come. I may not have magic hair that shines when I sing, but I enjoy exploring creativity through art just like Rapunzel, who is also the stern Disney Wish character. The team and I look forward to sharing severe character updates with you during the new year!

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