Studio Killer and Box Office Bomas: 5 Legends Flop Worth Another Look

Imagine being the production head of Buena Vista Pictures in the late ’90s. Michael Crichton visits your office and gives you the opportunity to adapt his novel Eaters of the Dead, a Viking epic based on old English poetry. Beowulf. He directed John McTiernan for his blockbuster success Die hard with a vengeance (1995), and Desperado Antonio Banderas in the lead role. Omar Sharif-* The * Omar Sharif এমনকি even signed. What do you say

Funny question – the only answer is do it. Do it now. And for $ 85 million … and $ 85 million, you mean $ 160 million because they’re pretending to be dollars anyway. This is a Disney-owned production studio after all! Just sit back and let those mega dollars go faster than you can count.

The Eaters of the Dead may never sound like a good idea, but it was Michael Crichton. Jurassic Park– Clout in his back pocket, and the Vikings could be the next big thing, right? Alas, the Vikings never happened, and the film lost around $ 129 million. Test screening audiences hated the film, persuading Michael Crichton to step down as director to send and re-shoot McTiernan. Buena pushed the Vista release back more than a year, during which time the film was re-cut, re-scored with Jerry Goldsmith (the original composition by Graeme Revel and Lisa Gerard of the Dead Can Dance), and the name was changed. Eaters of the Dead Per 13th fighter. Probably because the wider audience was not hungry to see a movie about a corpse-short cannibal.

When the film finally hits theaters, it gains critical acclaim and opens in a far second place behind The Sixth Sense (1999). Movies that face delays, huge budget exaggerations, management upsurge, or any of the harsh re-edits appear before criticism – don’t miss the cocktail of four. And to be fair to critics who enjoy a good Hollywood pinata, movies are usually bad, e.g., really bad. McTiernan denies it and Disney throws it under a rug. The movie has not yet received a quality release on home video.

That was the catch 13th fighter Not bad is that some clever critics even saw through the financial excessive smell and post-production hell to see the amazing cinematic joy of the film.

Ahmed Ibn Fadlan (Antonio Banderas), an exiled poet and involuntary “messenger”, finds himself (against his will) among thirteen warriors heading north to face the “angel of death”. He gained the confidence of Norse warriors because of his skills with a horse and his ability to write and learn their language. Twelve warriors and a poet eventually fight “Wendell”, which rolls with fog that kills their prey’s head.

That being said, the actual plot proves to be largely irrelevant, and contemporary criticism, albeit unjust, is accurately quoted. 13th fighterIts threadbare plot. Not too much, but a simple narrative only fails if the director does nothing else to justify it as a movie. McTiernan (and Crichton, indefinitely) directed a submerged and confusing adventure film, shrouded in shadows and fog. There is an undercurrent of primitiveness, which is often overshadowed by big budget studio entertainment. 13th fighter Filled with CGI-free practical stunts and effects, brutal assassinations and wartime-specific tools in every method.

Inside Entertainment Weekly, Lisa Schwartzbaum writes: “… this blood-and-mud-splattered film jumps with such uninterrupted, self-consciously promising power and style that it’s hard to imagine what McTiernan would object to, perhaps, standing behind anyone. The sequence of the last glorious war. “

It’s a shame that 1999 was ignored by the audience 13th fighter And it still cannot remove the stigma of failure and the ambiguity of the perceived moderation.

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