What caused the fire in Magic Kingdom last night? That’s what the Disney fire department says.

Last night, a small fire broke out at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, which caused guests to be evacuated from Cinderella Castle.

There was a fire in Magic Kingdom last night!

In a different event, guests were taken off the road as fire trucks and emergency response vehicles drove directly down Main Street, USA. The guests who were at the park were left with many questions about what was going on, but now have more details.

Today, the Orlando Sentinel reports that we may know the cause of the fire thanks to Jon Shirey, president of the Reedy Creek Fire Department. Shirey shared that the call initially reached the fire department around 6:45 p.m., and was reported as “an electrical fire in a junction box outside the castle.”

Guests were removed from certain areas.

Once firefighters arrived, they saw a burning tree next to Cinderella Castle. It looked like a fire had set the tree on fire, but Shirey said the real cause was still under investigation by the fire commissioner. Firefighters treated a member of the security crew at the scene who inhaled dry chemicals from a fire extinguisher, and an unidentified Disney spokesman later noted that a member of the cast was transported from the park for a ” non-emergency treatment “. No other injuries were reported.

The guests stopped in the Plaza de la Libertad

We will be waiting for more news about this fire, including official reports. At this point, things have returned to normal in the Magic Kingdom and the Royal Cinderella Table is working as usual.

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