What’s new in EPCOT: more supply issues and SNOAP rods

Today we go to EPCOT to take a look at what’s new in this park.


Recently, we’ve seen great crowds and fun holiday merchandise, especially in the World Showcase section of EPCOT. But what news have we found in recent days? We look at some updates with food, memories, people levels and more.

Of course, we’ll start with the most important updates of all: what’s new with FOOD at EPCOT?

EPCOT food updates

The popular place for drinks The wines of French chefs it was closed for a time in the French pavilion of the EPCOT World Showcase. But reopened on the morning of December 9th, and is still open to guests.

Chefs de France wines are open

This stand is known for some tasty and refreshing drinks, including a couple of our favorites, the Great Orange Marnier and the Gray Goose Citron Lemon Slush. You can go there now, although you’ll have to take note of a few price increases we noticed when we reopened this booth.

It had a LONG tail when we passed later

Nearby was the holiday pavilion of the French pavilion for the EPCOT Festival Festival a couple of important snacks are missing during one of our visits.

Holiday kitchen Le Marche De Noel

Christmas Market It usually has a salmon dish called Napoleon de Saumon Fumé en Brioche and a delicious frozen hot chocolate Martini (among other snacks and drinks) available to guests. When we passed by, they were out of these two offers.

Smoked salmon Napoleon in dill brioche

Luckily, the shortage did not last long, and we saw both the salmon and martini return to the stand later that day. So if one of the EPCOT festival stands is out of your favorite treat, don’t panic! Just try to come back later in the day to see if it has rested.

Frozen hot chocolate martini

On our walk through EPCOT in search of tasty snacks, we noticed a couple of sweets that weren’t going great. The blue donuts in the a Joffrey’s kiosk They were having a really hard time last Friday.

Okay guys, you’ll find them next time!

Suppose they were ready for next weekend, and we can understand that feeling.


In the UK pavilion, we saw a few chocolates that were back in stock after running out for a while.

Chocolate in the UK pavilion

Several candies we usually see on the shelves are not yet available here, but right now you can get Irish whiskey truffles, Irish cream chocolates and more.

Irish whiskey truffles

In Italy, we found a new snack that you can make at the gift shop there. They are chocolate cake stuffed with tiramisu cream, and you can get a package for $ 5.99.

New treatment in the Italian pavilion

Now let’s look at some new memories you can get now at EPCOT!

EPCOT Merchandise Updates

We’ve spotted some of them illuminated Christmas necklaces in several stores in the park.

Christmas light necklaces

The necklaces look like a series of Christmas lights in white and red, and we saw them in the Creation Shop, the Entrance Port, and other gift shops in the park.

Design shop

He Design shop is the main EPCOT gift shop and is close to the test track in the World Celebration section of this park.

Design shop

In this store we realized that the 50th anniversary Christmas tree ornaments are back in stock! We haven’t seen these guys available in a long time, so we were excited to see more available.

Earth spacecraft

We also saw many new bags from Dooney & Bourke, including the Christmas Disney Dog collection …

Disney Dooney & Bourke dog collection

… And the latest 50th anniversary collection.

Our 50th Anniversary Dooney & Bourkes

And you can also get the $ 298 50th anniversary mini backpack, with is made of golden leather with Mickey ears on top and 50 designs everywhere. Want to know why it’s so expensive?

Lots of 50th anniversary Loungefly backpacks

The bag is made of real gold, with stains on the designs and gold-plated metal as hardware.


Although we saw a pretty big replenishment of this Loungefly backpack earlier in the week, when we checked a couple of days later, most of the bags were gone again.

It runs out fast!

We also spotted a couple of new items, including a green shirt from Cinderella Castle per $ 24.99

Cinderella Castle Shirt

I a blue Mickey and Walt Disney t-shirt for $ 24.99 too.

Mickey and Walt shirt

The weirdest news we have about Creations Shop is this this shop still shows Halloween products!

What are THESE doing here?

Even though we’ve gotten through the creepy season now (can you believe Christmas is next week?), You can still buy some jars of Mickey pumpkin and other Halloween items at this store. This could be due to supply problems we’ve seen around Disney World, which has limited merchandise in some places. Cast members may be putting in everything available to fill these shelves.

Port of entry and Disney Traders

Port of entry and Disney Traders these are the gift shops where you will take the completed map once you have finished the chariot hunt for Olaf’s Holiday Tradition expedition to EPCOT.

Port of entry

The search for the cart is difficult $ 9.99. Get a map with World Showcase locations and stickers showing holiday traditions from countries around the world. Then you will travel through the World Showcase find Olaf in the pavilion of each country and put the sticker where it belongs on the map! Once you’re done, you’ll take the map to one of these gift shops to receive a prize.

Olaf hiding in a rural World Showcase pavilion

We have recently noticed that these awards continue to change. For a while, you can choose a Mickey Kitchen Sink or a 2021 cord.

Well, that’s … unique

Then there were a couple of pines you could choose from, including one from Moana and one from Wall-E.


Later, we saw Mickey’s ear hat bowls thrown into the mixture, and Mickey Kitchen Sink buckets returned.

Things keep getting weirder

So basically you never know what you’ll get, but this is part of the fun of the car search we believe in! (And it looks like Disney went on its own cart search to find these random prizes.)

It’s a surprise every time!

At Disney Traders, we also saw a new Mickey wand $ 28.17.

Mickey’s wand

The wand shoots the snow made of soap, just like the “snow” you’ll see during some Disney World holiday celebrations.

They light up!

A puzzle advent calendar was also available $ 39.99 …

Advent calendar puzzles

… Which will help you count the days until Christmas with Disney-themed puzzles.

House of Good Fortune

At the China Pavilion, we stopped at the House of Good Fortune gift shop to see what’s new.

House of Good Fortune

We loved the colored incense sets which we have found, which come in smells like grapes, lotus and rose.


You can get it a small set of incense for $ 5.95 …

Smaller incense set

O a larger set for $ 8.95.

Gateway Gifts

At Gateway Gifts we saw a new one Photo book and autographs.

Memory book

The book has Disney Princess in front of it, and you can buy it now $ 19.98.

Heritage Manor Gifts

At the American Adventure Pavilion, we passed by Heritage Manor Gifts.

Heritage Manor Gifts

Here we have seen a new one American-themed drinking mug per $ 19.99.

Our sipper

The cup is red with American designs like stars and eagles alongside snacks like popcorn and cupcakes around it.

SPACE Mission: Cargo Bay

And at World Discovery, we saw new mandalorian jogging pants at the gift shop outside the Mission: SPACE attraction.

Mandalorian tracksuit pants

The pants are black with the designs of the Mandalorià show.

Mandalorian tracksuit pants

We know the crowds have been pretty heavy on EPCOT recently, though how have things been in recent days?

EPCOT crowd updates

Generally, we saw more crowds in this park, especially at the World Showcase near the afternoon and evening hours.

Great influx to EPCOT

The French pavilion was especially popular, as this area has a new promenade (Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure) and a new restaurant (La Crêperie de Paris).

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A working day, the waiting line for the candlelight procession (in the American Adventure Pavilion) it stretched all the way back through the Italian pavilion.

Candlelight procession waiting line

We noticed, however, that some restaurants around the World Showcase still had some processional candlelit dining packages available for the same night, so this may be the best way to secure your seat if you want to see the popular holiday program.

Candlelight processional dining package in the German pavilion

One day we realized that Living with the land had a LONG row which even exceeded the designated tail area! The published waiting time was still only 15 minutes, but we were surprised to see so many crowds in this normally underrated attraction.

Long line

We could attribute these crowds to the incredible holiday overlay that Living With the Land has right now (which seems especially magical if you drive it in the dark).

Living with the Earth

If you are looking for places to escape the crowds, towards the back of the World Showcase pavilions. Canada has a relaxing area with magnificent waterfalls on the stairs …

Canada Falls

… Morocco has a lot of seats and some beautiful art if you venture inside …

Behind the Moroccan pavilion

… and the UK has gardens where you can sometimes find musicians serenading guests.

gardens of the United Kingdom

Most guests will stay right at the entrance to the pavilions, near the catwalk. But you can find peace and quiet (not to mention some great details!) If you do go a little further to each country.

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Other EPCOT updates

In other news, we’ve spotted some of them the construction works that are being carried out on the land just outside the Imagination Pavilion EPCOT World Nature.

Construction of an imagination pavilion

It looks like the work is in the middle of the process, so we’ll keep you posted on the changes we see here!

Still in progress

And if you ask a Disney PhotoPass photographer to take a picture of you, you might be able to use it Mickey Cookie’s tool It’s time for the holidays!

New fun accessories!

That’s all for our EPCOT update today! Follow DFB for more information on the latest Disney World news.

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What is your favorite EPCOT rural pavilion? Let us know in the comments.

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