FIRST VIEW: The storybook character dining room has reopened at Disney World!

In recent months, character dining room Options are available at various Disney World venues, including Chef Mickey’s, Tusker House and Hollywood & Vine.

Artist point

Not long ago, we shared it Storybook Character Dinner at Artist Point at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Will Reopen December 16. Recently, we had our first chance to check out this reopened site, and that’s what we saw!

We’ve experienced Story Book Dining at Artist Point in the past, so we were thrilled to see what this reopened experience would be like now that the character food has changed due to COVID-19.


We started our dining experience by accessing our booking in the My Disney Experience app and using it Mobile dinner check-in to let the restaurant know we were there and ready to eat! Once we registered, we received a message stating that we would be notified when our table was ready.

Entrance to Artist Point

Not long after, we received a message telling us that our table was ready, so we headed to the host stand to inform cast members.

Host stand

Let’s go inside!


Artist Point now serves as the home of Story Book Dining with Snow White. When you enter the space, you will really feel as if you have been transported to the Enchanted Forest.

Beautiful theme!

There are decorations around leaves and trees to really immerse you in this story.

Enchanted Forest

All of these trees and leaves really bring out the outdoors. This, together with the large windows of the restaurant, give this place a unique feeling.

dining room

At each table place, you will find plates, cutlery and a tree-shaped umbrella. Your server will use this stand for your snacks and desserts, which is a beautiful, themed way to display food.

We love this tree stand

But this is not a normal dinner, this is a CHARACTER meal! So let’s see how the character look is being handled right now.


Earlier, during dinner at Artist Point, you had the opportunity to see Snow White (of course), Dopey and Grumpy. There was also a special opportunity to take a picture with the Evil Queen. Currently Snow White, the Dwarves and the Evil Queen they still hang out in this dining room. All the characters go through the dining room to greet the guests from a distance.

Before, the Evil Queen would remain motionless and guests could go up to find her. But now he moves like the rest of the characters, although he did not join the “Silly Song” dance party like everyone else.

As with most Disney character meals right now, you can take pictures of the characters and greet them, but you can’t get too close to hug them or ask for autographs.

The cast members encouraged the guests to sit down while the characters were visiting, and an airline ad also reminded you to stay at your table. At some character dining venues (such as Tusker House at Disney’s Animal Kingdom), guests can get up to take pictures with the characters while they are still about 6 feet away. Story Book Dining, however, asked guests to stay at their tables.

Snow White

Since you can’t get up to greet the characters, you may be quite far from them when they come to visit. We were sitting in the second row, behind another table, then We could only really see the characters from a distance.

Evil Queen

Now you can’t ask for autographs, though guests receive an autograph card at the end of the experience.

The card has the signatures of all the characters who came to visit during your meal.

The food!

As for food, Artist Point is open for dinner and dinner is a fixed price, a fixed price meal. The cost is $ 60 per adult and $ 39 per child (plus taxes and tip).

QR code menu

The meal begins with shared snacks. Each guest then chooses an individual entrée. Desserts (like snacks) are shared.

© Disney

For children, they can choose an aperitif (à la carte), a starter and 2 side selections.

© Disney

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are also available.

© Disney

We tried the Smoking Mirror Cocktail, which has Johnnie Walker Black, Wildberry, Lime and Rosemary Smoke.

Snacks from this meal are shared and included Wild mushroom biscuit, hunter’s cake and evil prawn cocktail.

For our meal, we received the “Cottage” Carn Stroganoff, which is tender beef, canned vegetables, spätzle, mushrooms and cured cow’s milk cheese.

Desserts, like snacks, are shared with the whole table. You will get one “Poison” apple, the miner’s treasure and the fairy-tale currant cake.

We’ll be sharing a FULL review of our experience at Artist Point soon, so stay tuned. And check back with us for all the latest Disney news.

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Details and information on the reopening of Disney Park

What do you think of the character who eats at Artist Point? Tell us in the comments!

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