Five of the most embarrassing things that can happen at Disney World

Disney World is not always sunny and pink. While visiting Disney World can be absolutely amazing and wonderful, there are some several embarrassing things that can happen during your visit “It’s not that we’re talking about experience or anything.”

Molly in Japan

Take a look at this list to avoid these embarrassing situations.

Animal mishaps

Disney World is full of wildlife, and this can cause some …challenges. Like, for example, a bird that poops you while flying overhead. If you see a flock of birds at Disney World, look for coverage.


You may also encounter an animal stealing your food, especially if you eat at EPCOT at the Regal Eagle Smokehouse. These birds will climb on your table and steal your chips! Although it depends on your personality, this could be more annoying than embarrassing. Don’t touch my food, bird!

Watch your food!

So enjoy the wildlife at Disney World! We haven’t even mentioned the times we called when we saw a snake or a rat. Oh no, I’m not going.

Dressed in white

You may NOT choose to dress in white at Disney World, especially if you plan on taking water walks. You may have issues with transparency when traveling on water … also known as transparent pants.

Mountain Splash

And if you’re used to not looking before you sit down, maybe avoid dressing in white. Sitting in a melted Mickey Bar with light-colored pants, say, is no fun.

Mickey Bar

It’s not a bad idea to check your Disney World closet for possible malfunctions before your visit!

Encounters with Trolley Track

Have you ever stumbled and fallen into Disney World? Well, we have. And most of the time it has something to do with the tram tracks, as seen on Main Street, USA, in Magic Kingdom.

Car tracks

Even though we KNOW that they are there, it is as if they have a magnetic attraction in our ankles. And every time we visit, we travel at least once. So stumbled.

PhotoPass awkward

PhotoPass can cause some serious inconvenience. How do we put it? On mirem? And what about some of the most unusual PhotoPass magic shots, like the Tiny World Magic Shot that makes everyone have giant heads and small bodies?

© Disney

Or what happens when the Magic Shot places you in some kind of photo inside a photo, like Molly’s framed above Cinderella’s mantle with Cinderella looking on in adoration.

Cinderella wants a framed portrait of Molly

Sometimes weird things happen too, such as the photo getting too close for no reason.

Why is the camera so enlarged?

And what happens when Magic Shot doesn’t work ?! The Magic Shot below worked, but sometimes there is an error and the animated image does not appear and you are left with a photo where you have your hand with … nothing.

This time it worked!

Mistakes occur, but even just the process of posing for photos can be so embarrassing. We will probably have to do a professional modeling class.

Cabinet malfunction

Be careful when getting in and out of vehicles for a variety of reasons, such as tearing off your pants. This actually happened to someone we know and he really had to buy new pants. Before your visit, maybe do some stretching on your pants to check their integrity. While this is also a bit embarrassing, you can at least do it in the privacy of your hotel room.

Track test vehicle

Or if you wear the wrong kind of clothes, getting in and out of certain attractions can be VERY awkward. Let this be your warning: wear shorts under your skirt.

Space mountain ride vehicle

Shameful moments can happen anywhere, and the best advice may be to just laugh and move on with your magical day. However, you may be able to avoid SOME of these moments with a little preparation before your visit to Disney World.

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