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From fantastic new music and podcasts to product releases and exciting partnerships, 2021 was packed with high notes — and For the record It was all cover. We are such Wrap For years, there has been something here For the record Stories and Spotify moments that resonate with our readers and us.

January signals emerging trends and artists.

We started the year by exploring emerging music trends and artists. Brazil’s Generalless Playlist Cream, Which combines different sounds of urban music, sets the tune for a year-long genre experiment. Atlanta-based rapper Flow ml Spotify’s Global Emerging-Artist program has helped launch another year of RADAR. See US Radar Artist Advice For other aspiring female rappers.

February brings streaming power.

Spotify leaders gathered in February for the livestream event Stream on, Where we are Explore audio power And there are opportunities in front of millions of creators and billions of fans around the world Founder and CEO of Spotify Daniel is one Also Spotify’s announcement Sweeping expansion With over one billion people in 80+ new markets worldwide. It is part of an ongoing commitment to create a truly unlimited audio ecosystem that connects creators, listeners and content.

March mixed it.

This month we have introduced A new family of personalized playlists: Spotify Mix We’ve added three newcomers — Artist Mix, Gener Mix, and Decade Mix — representing the next generation of platform-focused, personalized offers. Check them out Made for you Hub

April calls for expansion.

On the heel International Women’s Day, Spotify has announced a new global music program designed to turn the volume on women. Enter Equal. Since then, we’ve talked to influential women artists around the world Lido pepper And Stay And a arrived Six-month milestone. And to make a highlight The fast growing music market In the world, Spotify: For the record Podcast (now) Spotify: Discover it) “Has explored various beats of African musicFrom Afropop to Amapiano: African Music Ignites

May be fresh and rich.

In May, we Launched Spotify’s Fresh Finds program, Which focuses on supporting independent artists. In just a few months, Spotify’s inaugural Class of Artists had over 6 million first-time listeners and Four more fresh voices are welcome In the program For the record Also saw and explored a new trend up close ৷ The Progressive Plant playlist collection After finding those streams in the Spotify playlist Music for plants Increased by about 1,400%.

June buzz.

If it was an American rapper, readers would quickly press the “Like” button Sweetie In our podcast episode, Haifi was in the hot seat to define slang. “Celebrations of the local genre: cut and screw, go-go and hifi

And fan-favorite podcasts Call her father Made things exclusive With Spotify. The Buzzy show was the latest addition to an ongoing partnership with Spotify’s favorite entertainment brands. Dax ShepardOf Armchair specialist And Bad robot. More, us Only you The in-app experience gave listeners a fun, shareable data moment in the middle of the year. Look back at the campaign And personalized playlists are still waiting for you on Spotify.

July jam out.

Fans of dance and dance music, this month was for you. SB19, A party leading the Philippine-style pop movement “P-Pop” Chat with us About their latest EP, Shoot, And their creative process. Also, Spotify’s global team dance music editor has shared a big genre The trend on their radar.

August was a mix of friends.

In August, the two playlists merged as friends and loved ones and tapped the new one Mix Personalized experience. If you miss it, Two listeners can now combine their musical tastes into a shared playlist created for them, making it easier to connect, discover and bond. Speaking of friendship, members Gossip Girl The team came together Discuss the words and tracks that appear on the show-And to spread some privacy.

September leans towards nostalgia.

There have been two musical explosions in the past For the record We look back to the 80’s and 90’s. Swedish pop sensation ABBA Audiences around the world were shouting “Jim!” When they Has announced the release of their first new album Since 1981. And in celebration of General Z’s nostalgic listening, Spotify has launched a campaign Highlights the ability to have our country’s catalog. It’s not too late to take part. ‘Digital experience of the country in the 90’s.

October welcomes new growth.

What did you catch? Spotify: For the recordIts news? After a year of storytelling audio adventures, we’ve increased our company’s news podcast slate from one to three. Now our listeners can tune in Spotify: For the record, Spotify: Mike Check, And Spotify: Discover it For episodes useful to their interest. Keep your ears on the ground and let all three flow.

November share news you can use.

This month has brought some long awaited moments for listeners around the world We have been redesigned For the record Newsroom. The site debuted with a smoother, more interactive design and remained a hub for Spotify’s latest and greatest news, podcasts, resources and more.

The Spanish-speaking season heralded two arrivals Case 63, This is a Spotify original podcast Set new records As it attracts a growing audience worldwide.

And, sing it with us-Lyrics are available on a Spotify 6 For most of our extensive library of tracks. Fans can even share a favorite line with friends on social media.

December wrapped in pomp.

It’s a wrap! Spotify 2021 WrapThat’s it. Producers, listeners and audio enthusiasts from around the world have joined us this year to celebrate the great role that audio has played in the lives of our listeners and producers. From Unveil what is the most stream in the world To mark Fifth anniversary of the artist wrapping, It was a favorite moment across the Spotify community. Behind the scenes, listen to how Spotify has enlivened this year’s event. “2021: It’s a wrap!“On Spotify: For the record.

No matter how much you associate with Spotify this year, we’re grateful to be part of your story. We can’t wait to see the Audio Innovation 2022 come along and keep sharing it with us For the record Community.

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