PHOTOS: Story Book Character Dining Has Experience is back at Disney World

More restaurants are reopening at Disney World!

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

We recently passed by Boatwright’s Dining Hall at Disney’s Port Orleans – Riverside Resort to see what it was like now to welcome guests back. And today we take you with us Disney’s Wilderness Lodge because the character dinner is back at the hotel, let’s take a look!


Today is the FIRST day that Storybook dinner at Artist Point is once again available for guests, and we’re excited to see how the experience has changed.

Story Book Dining is now open!

Our tour started by checking in via the My Disney Experience app when we arrived and it wasn’t too long before a cast member took us to the restaurant at our table, through the enchanted forest, of course.

Storybook dining room

Here’s another look at the seats. It literally looks like a real storybook!

Storybook Dinner

We received one QR code for the menu.

QR codes

And look at the table settings! It’s a enchanted tree ready to eat delicious.

Table settings

The restaurant is designed to look like the enchanted forest because you know FOUR characters who live there. Snow White, Dopey, Grumpy and The Queen.

Hello Snow White!

And while the characters’ dining experience has returned, it’s a little different than you might remember.

Throughout the meal, the characters made their way through the dining room. greeting families from afar. And while we recently experimented with Disney, allowing people to defend themselves with photos with characters at Tusker House in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, here The cast members asked the guests to sit down.

Oh Grumpy

There was a small photo shoot in the middle of the restaurant also, however, again, you couldn’t get close to the characters when they were there.

Evil Queen

You too you will not be able to have the characters sign your autograph book, but you will not leave empty-handed! Each guest receives a card with the characters in front …

Autograph card

… And their signatures on the back before leaving.

Autograph card

We were able to see Snow White, Grumpy, Dopey and the Evil Queen several times throughout our meal. Also, when each of the characters is announced, the colors of the restaurant change (when the Evil Queen arrives, the lights turn red!).

The Evil Queen

Here’s a look at the evil queen greeting her guests:

It was fun to see Dopey and Grumpy again!

Hi Dopey!

Looks like they had fun watching us too!

Well, we can only assume that Grumpy was happy to see us!

These are pretty weird characters at Disney World, so having dinner at Story Book Dining is a great way to spot them!

Ohhh, you must be Grumpy!

And speaking of our meal, let’s go to the menu!


Story Book Dining is available at Artist Point for dinner from 16:00 until 21:00 every day. And, at the price of $ 60 per adult, plus taxes and gratuities or $ 39 per child, In addition to taxes and gratuities, you can enjoy a variety of shared snacks …

© Disney

… a choice of starters

© Disney

I shared desserts. You can Check out all the important changes to the menu here!

© Disney

And, if you are dinner with children, They will have different menu options, such as grilled chicken, grilled fish of the day and roasted ribs.

© Disney

In addition to all the food, there is also one variety of drinks including a non-alcoholic Apple Punch Wishing that includes the option to add a souvenir glow cube for an additional cost and a selection of Disney-inspired alcoholic cocktails. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Just keep that in mind this will incur an additional cost, as the meal only includes soft drinks, coffees, juices and water in the price.

© Disney

To drink, we ordered the In the Clouds non-alcoholic drink with Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, Blueberry and Cotton Candy!

In the Clouds

We also tried the Smoking mirror, which is a mix of Johnnie Walker Black, Wildberry, Lime and Rosemary Smoke.

Smoking mirror

This drink has a fun presentation element! The waiter takes out the smoked glass and then pours your drink!

Smoking mirror

And here’s what it all looks like when the meal comes out!

Smoking mirror

For snacks, the Wild mushroom biscuit, hunter’s cake, i Evil prawn cocktail they all come out together to be shared by the table, so you can choose what you’d like to try.


And just watch the presentation of Artist Point’s iconic Wild Mushroom Bisque! We look forward to seeing you back at Story Book Dining.

Wild mushroom biscuit

Watch a video of the snacks here!

As for the entrance, each guest can order theirs on the menu. We chose “Cottage” Carn Stroganoff which is made with tender beef, canned vegetables, spätzle, mushrooms and aged cow’s milk cheese.

“Cottage” Carn Stroganoff

In addition, we must also try Sustainable fish heated with Bashful butter, which includes spelled, beans, English peas and gremolata …

Sustainable fish heated with Bashful butter

…and the Royal Prime Rib Roast which comes served with hmashed potatoes with radish, carrots and juice.

Royal Prime Rib Roast

Then it was dessert time! Like the snacks, the four different desserts come together at the table to share and many classics have returned. The first is the Apple “poison” which is a dark chocolate and apple mousse with an acidic center …

Apple “poison”.

… and there is also Fairy Tale Currant Cake, which is a cake stuffed with currant and then topped with meringue.

Fairy Tale Currant Cake

And, the award for best presentation goes to The hunter’s gift to the queen! As you may remember Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, these four sweets are presented on the table in a wooden box full of smoke.

The hunter’s gift to the queen

In addition, they are also very tasty!

The hunter’s gift to the queen

Here is a video of The Hunter’s Gift to the Queen!

The other dessert option is the Treasures of the miners which is now made with cookie panna cotta and cream and precious chocolate instead of the old biscuit, precious chocolate and berry panna cotta.

Treasures of the miner with a “poisoned” apple and the fairy-tale currant cake

Here’s another look at this tasty dessert trio:

Well, this is all our first look at the reopened character dining experience at Artists Point! Of course, we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest Disney World reopening news, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for more!

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Have you ever been to Story Book Dining at Artist Point? Let us know in the comments!

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