planDisney: Baby Care Centers at Walt Disney World Resort

If you’ve ever been on holiday with a small child, you know that finding accommodation to take care of your little one, feed or change, while you’re away from home can be … well, let’s face it, it’s quite a challenge. However, this is not the case when you are on holiday with your child at Walt Disney World Resort, thanks to the Baby Care Centers.

Located in the four theme parks, Baby Care Centers offer a place to change, breastfeed or feed your little one. You can easily locate them on the park map by looking for the pacifier icon.

An air-conditioned facility is a welcome haven for young children in need of rest or hungry babies. In addition to chairs and a TV, each room also has changing tables and private nursing rooms. Disney’s Hollywood Studios Baby Care Center even contains a training urinal for cleaning toddlers! How great is this?

While the four baby care centers are great, you won’t want to miss the newly renovated Magic Kingdom Park center. The “Alice in Wonderland” themed location includes a beautiful kitchen with a microwave, sink and bottle warmer. The nursing room offers an oasis of tranquility and young children will enjoy watching “Alice in Wonderland” on the large screen TV in the lair area. But wait, we made you feel more curious and more curious about this location? We then join planDisney panelist Anne Marie on a tour of the newly refurbished Baby Care Center on Main Street in the United States near The Crystal Palace.

You can also take a look inside the Baby Care Centers of our other three theme parks Highlights from planDisney’s Instagram story (just look for the pacifier symbol).

But Baby Care Centers aren’t the only offer at Walt Disney World Resort designed for young children, go to DisneyWorld.com/Preschool to find out about experiences, services, and more that are just perfect for your preschooler. .

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