The official Olaf chariot hunting awards have finally arrived at EPCOT

Has anyone else been following the strange prizes EPCOT offers to guests completing Olaf’s Holiday Tradition cart hunt?

Map of the expedition of the festive tradition of Olaf

In case you’re new to this weird saga, there’s a holiday cart search at EPCOT that guests can complete to win a prize. This award is constantly changing, and we’ve seen some very interesting options available to guests. But today we finally found the official prize for this chariot hunt! And it makes a lot more sense than any of the other awards.

Chariot hunting expedition of the festive tradition of Olaf is an activity that came to EPCOT on the occasion of the International Festival of Festivals, which lasts until December 30 this year.

Olaf hidden in the World Showcase

For hunting, you will buy a map (for $ 9.99) from Creations Shop, Port of Entry or International Gateway gift shops. Then you will walk the World Showcase and look for Olaf, which is hidden in the pavilion of each country with an article that represents a festive tradition of that country.

Here it is!

You will relates traditions to each place on the map and then return the filled map to a participating gift shop to win a prize! In recent years and at other festivals, the awards for conducting a cart search are related to the theme of the cart search or simply to the festival in general.

Prize in search of the cart of the Festa de l’Enogastronomia

But lately, we’ve seen some weird options available as a prize for this year’s activity. There have been 2021 drawstring bags …

Scavenger Hunt Award Drawstring Bag

… Disney nerd cords …

Lanyard of the chariot hunting prize

… Random pins


… and the kitchen sink. Literally. One of the prizes was a Mickey-themed kitchen sink. This sink can usually be found in Disney World ice cream parlors with great ice cream, but you could win one to make your own sundae if you complete this hunt.

Well, that’s … unique

Today, FINALLY we knew what the prize of this chariot hunt was going to be all the time! We went through a gift shop at EPCOT to ask about today’s awards, and a cast member told us that the official awards have arrived (a little late in the game).

The real prizes are here!

If you finish your search for Olaf’s cart, you can win an adorable plastic plate with a Frozen theme! This makes a lot more sense than a kitchen sink. There are dishes with Olaf …

Olaf plate

… Olaf and Sven together …

Olaf and Sven

… And Olaf, Sven, Anna and Elsa!

All together flat

The Cast Member we spoke to told us the plates had been stuck on a shipping ship for a while before they finally arrived at EPCOT. This is another example of the supply problems we have seen recently at Disney World, which have also led to a shortage of some goods and food in the parks.

Some shelves have been emptied due to supply problems

If you would like to grab one of these dishes (or just want to have some fun as you enter the World Showcase), you can head to EPCOT at Design shop, port of entry or international catwalk to get your map.

Port of entry

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Click here to see some of the unusual prizes we’ve spotted for this cart hunt

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Have you tried hunting Olaf’s carrion at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments!

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