PHOTOS: Official awards for Olaf’s chariot hunt have finally arrived at EPCOT

Disney parks are the place to be these holidays!

Holiday lights on Earth spacecraft!

We love Walt Disney World every other time of the year, obviously. (Especially this year with the 50th anniversary!) There’s something special about the holidays, and Disney parks don’t punch when it comes to vacation experiences. We’ve already tried tons new holiday food, located all last holiday merchandise, and kept up to date with all latest news from the festival, And this EPCOT tradition has just succeeded new sweets!

Last year, The expedition of the festive tradition of Olaf was introduced to EPCOT as part of Festival of the Celebrations. This chariot hunt takes you everywhere World showcase chasing Olaf and their favorite holiday traditions. At the end of the search for the cart, you can redeem your completed map for a prize!

Olaf at EPCOT for holiday cart hunting

The search for the carcass is already underway, but now We finally have the official prizes! If you searched the cart before the festival, you may have landed at variety of different awards. Guests won awards such as Disney Nerd laces o Tinkerbell drawstring bags, instead of a designated official award.


These were reserved prizes until the officers entered.

Bossa Tink

Today we saw the official awards! Here are the plates you can now win to complete Olaf’s traditional holiday expedition!

Frozen dishes for the expedition of the festive tradition of Olaf

These plates are now available at EPCOT as a reward for completing Olaf’s carrion quest! Here’s a closer look at Anna and Elsa dish.

Dish of Anna, Elsa, Sven and Olaf

Features of this board Sven and Olaf!

Plate Sven and Olaf!

The last dish presents the same main snowman, Olaf!

Olaf plate for hunting EPCOT cart

If you want to bring these dishes home this holiday season, go for it EPCOT per The expedition of the festive tradition of Olaf. Click here to read a summary everything you need to know before searching for Olaf’s chariot! We’re always keeping track of all the latest Disney news, so stay tuned to AllEars for more!

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