Say hello to the new baby rhino born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park

With the holiday season just around the corner, our team of animal care experts is still grateful for one of the best gifts of all … the success of the birth of a white rhino last month at Disney’s Animal theme park Kingdom! Lola, one of our beloved white rhinos in our care, gave birth to a healthy and adorable calf in early November, and I am delighted to report that mom and baby are thriving backstage under the watchful eye of our sensational Disney Animals, Science and the Environment. equipment.

This baby marks the third white rhino born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the last 13 months, and the 13thth white rhinoceros born at Walt Disney World Resort, which is amazing news for the conservation of this nearly endangered species.

Baby rhino born at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park

Unfortunately, wild rhinos are hunted by their horns and their populations continue to decline. This is why rhinoceros births are becoming more important in maintaining healthy populations. We are also helping to protect black and white rhinos in the wild through the Disney Conservation Fund, supporting projects focused on habitat monitoring and restoration.

A big shout out to our expert veterinarians, scientists and animal caregivers for their dedication to the conservation and care of this very special species.

Lola’s birth was successful after two more births in the last 13 months. At three births, the calves immediately approached the mother and began breastfeeding.

The rhino is the second largest land mammal in the world. After a gestation period of 16 to 18 months, white rhinos usually weigh around 140 pounds at birth. Lola and her new pack of joy will spend the next few months bonding behind the scenes before joining the rest of the herd in the park’s Harambe Wildlife Reserve. Meanwhile, guests can be on the lookout for the firstborn of these three calves, Ranger, christened in honor of the rangers who protect the rhinos in the wild as they experience the Kilimanjaro safaris.

Lola’s calf joins a happy contingent of births this year, including Humphrey, the Masai giraffe, Greta, the hippopotamus, and Ada, the western lowland gorilla, just to name a few. All in all, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has hosted everything from the smallest insects and snails to creatures with mammoth hooves like the white rhino.

Baby rhino born at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park

To see how our team cares about all of these animals, take a look at “The Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” at Disney +. And be sure to check out the Disney Parks blog for more updates on these and other animal additions to our Disney family!

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