What’s new in EPCOT: Panda Nunchuks and a surprisingly expensive bag

This week we went to Disney World’s ongoing park!

Earth spacecraft

EPCOT it has a lot of work in progress, but there is still fun to be found in this beloved park! Now, we present an update all NEW in food, construction and merchandise!

EPCOT food updates

Joffrey’s coffee and tea

Joffrey’s kiosks around EPCOT have been facing a bee situation for a few weeks now. For a time, syrup pumps were not available in some places. Now, all EPCOT locations seem to be handing out mini-bottles of syrup instead of using their pumps.


You can also buy bottles for $ 2.99 each!

Click here to see more about the situation of bees!

EPCOT construction updates

Nature of the world

We noticed it one of the water beds near The Seas with Nemo & Friends ran out.


This is probably due to the upcoming construction! We will be watching for more updates.

EPCOT Merchandise Updates

Design shop

As for the merchandise, Creations Shop had something new Holiday pin per $ 9.99

Holiday pin

…And this Cozy Sweater per $ 49.99.

Cozy hooded sweatshirt

Month, this place FINALLY has the official prizes for the chariot hunting of the Tradition of the Festivities of Olaf, which is part of the International Festival of Festivities.

The real prizes are here!

The prizes hadn’t arrived, so there were some substitutes over the last few weeks, but now you can grab those plates when you’re done hunting.

Click here for more information on these awards!

House of Good Fortune

In the China Pavilion, we saw Panda Nunchucks per $ 12.95.

Panda Nunchucks

Now they can make a unique gift!

Holiday market

The holiday market at The American Adventure Pavilion had a few small gifts on sale during our visits.

Holiday market

Did anyone say stocking stuffers?

Holiday market

Mitsukoshi Department Store

The shop in the Japan Pavilion had a nice novelty Backpack


… and a surprisingly expensive cost Bear bag per $ 72.95.

Bear bag

The Tea Caddy

Want to buy a gift for a tea lover? The UK Pavilion offers you that $ 29.99 gift set.

Tea gift set

And that’s all we’ve seen at EPCOT lately. Stay tuned to DFB for all the Disney World updates, big and small!

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