What’s New in Magic Kingdom: PRICE 50th Anniversary PRECIOUS items and personalized brain M & M’S

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Cinderella Castle

Earlier in the week, we found a lot of new products in Magic Kingdom that arrived just in time for Christmas. Now, we have some more updates from Magic Kingdom, including more information on the situation of bees in this park.

We will jump directly to the updates.

Magic Kingdom food updates

Joffrey’s coffee

Many Joffrey’s Coffee sites around Disney World have had issues with some unwanted visitors. No, they are not Disney Park guests. Visitors are here bees!

The bee behind the latest EPCOT scandal

There have been MANY of these little guys. Since then they love to hang out around Joffrey there are all kinds of sugary syrups available there. Unfortunately, the cast members and guests are not so excited about their visits.


In an attempt to keep the bees away, Some locations in Joffrey have dropped the big syrup bombs and are handing out mini bottles of syrup to guests when they order drinks that have these flavors. Then guests can add the flavored syrup themselves, which means there aren’t a lot of syrup bombs open at the booth to attract the bees.

Mini bottles of syrup

Not all of Joffrey’s cars are doing this, though. Some areas do not seem to be as heavy as bees, so if you get a mini bottle of syrup or just put the syrup in your drink, it depends on the stand you visit. At Joffrey’s stand at Magic Kingdom in Tomorrowland, they used the big bombs and had no mini syrups available.

The big syrup bombs are back

But Don’t be surprised if you order your coffee and come with a small bottle of syrup to selected Disney World locations.


Confectionery Carrer Major

Remember all those weird M & M’S you can buy at Main Street Confectionery that look like some kind of brains with Mickey ears?

M & Ms of the brain

Well, it turns out you can still buy them, and you can even customize them now!

You can customize them!

If you buy one, you can take it to Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe (located in the Freedom Square section of the park) to personalize it with your name.

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Magic Kingdom merchandise updates


At the Emporium (Magic Kingdom’s main gift shop on Main Street, USA), we saw a large replenishment of 50th anniversary merchandise.

50th Anniversary Merchandise at Magic Kingdom

If you were looking forward to some 50th anniversary memories, now is your chance! We’ve seen some of them snow globe 50 available here, which have not been in stock recently.

50th snow globe

Star traders

And speaking of the 50th anniversary merchandise, the entire Luxe Logo collection was available at Star traders in Tomorrowland.

50th luxury logo collection

We saw the new black velvet tracksuit …


… And Minnie’s black leather ears there. The tracksuit is $ 149.99 for the top and $ 129.99 for the bottom. But you can get your ears $ 39.99, which is MUCH more affordable than some of the other 50th anniversary ears we’ve seen!

Minnie’s ears

Border trade

At Frontier Trading, we found a new Spider-Man magnet, which arrived just in time for the new Spider-Man movie.

Spider-Man magnet

You can buy the magnet for $ 14.99.

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Magic Kingdom build updates

Fire in the Magic Kingdom

You’ve probably heard of the little fire inside the Magic Kingdom earlier this week, haven’t you?

Emergency vehicles in Magic Kingdom

The Royal Cinderella Table was evacuated and members of the cast led guests off the stage. The fire was reported to have been extinguished with a fire extinguisher. The next day, the Royal Cinderella Table was open again, and the castle and the surrounding area were as beautiful as ever.

Cinderella Castle

Remember that emergencies like this can happen at Disney World. If you are visiting during a situation like this, stay with your group and follow the instructions of the cast members.

Main Street Philharmonic Band

During our visit to the Magic Kingdom, we realized this the Main Street Philharmonic Band was once again performing on the Castle stage.

Main Street Music Band

This band can sometimes be seen marching down Main Street, USA, or downtown. We also saw them on stage. So if you start listening to some songs while you’re in the area, be sure to pause and listen to them.

Main Street Philharmonic Band

That’s all Magic Kingdom moment! Follow DFB for more Disney World updates!

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