Will Disney’s dining plan return in 2022? Here’s everything we know.

Many things have changed at Disney World over the last two years!

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We have a completely new payment system that has replaced FastPass + called Genie +, there are new annual subscriptions (however, sales of most subscriptions are currently on hold), the character meeting and greetings have been adapted, and even and there is a whole new journey to EPCOT. One thing that has drastically changed many people’s vacations is that Disney’s dining plan is no longer available. Disney has said it will return, so we will break down whether the Dining Plan will return in 2022.

Disney’s dining plan is one pre-purchase plan which can be added to a Disney vacation package. You must stay at a Disney-owned and managed hotel and have park tickets to qualify for the plan.

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Dining plans offer a set number of counter meals and table service, as well as snacks. That way, you can pay for food before the trip. You will simply be deducted from your dining plan points instead of paying at the restaurant you visit.

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Many guests love the ease of the Dining Plan for them You don’t have to think about paying for every meal when they’re in the parks “It’s all paid for!” But, others may feel restricted by the Dining Plan when it comes to where they are allowed to eat or if they can even get the value of their money out of the plan. It can be a lot of food in one day! But there are different types of Disney dining plans to suit your group’s needs.

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Disney World suspended its dining plan in March 2020 when parks closed due to the global pandemic. When they reopened in July 2020, the Dining Plan did not return with them. It has been suspended ever since!

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Disney said earlier this year that the Dining Plan would return, however he did not give a return date or a calendar, saying “While we’re not ready to share an update over time, we’re planning to return this favorite guest option later.. ” And since then we haven’t heard anything! So what’s the deal? Obviously, it won’t be back in 2021 (unless we have a BIG surprise in the next 2 weeks!), So we will see it in 2022?

Dining plan credits could also be used at EPCOT festivals!

It seems so he would back in 2022, as Disney DID announced during the summer that it would return. We’re not sure why they would confirm the return of the Dining Plan and then wait several years for it to be available again!


When I come back, there are some things you may have forgotten. For example, at the end of February 2020, Disney announced in new dining plan option for guests: the Disney Dining Plan Plus. This option is easy to forget, as it was announced just before the closures!


So when Disney paused the plan, the available plans were Disney’s fast food dining plan, Disney’s standard dining plan, Disney Plus dining plan, and Disney Deluxe dining plan. They all offered different options in terms of flexibility and what kind of restaurants you could visit during your trip.

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Here’s a look at what Dining plan options looked like 2020 before closing:

  • Disney’s fast food service plan – 2 fast food meals, 2 snacks per day, per person. $ 55 per adult every day, $ 26 per child (between 3 and 9 years old) every day.
  • Disney’s standard dining plan – 1 fast food meal, 1 table service meal, 2 snacks per day, per person. $ 78 per adult every day, $ 38.50 per child every day.
  • Disney Dining Plan PLUS – 2 meals (any combination of fast or table service), 2 snacks or non-alcoholic drinks per day, per person. $ 95 per adult every day, $ 35 per child every day.
  • Disney’s luxury dining plan – 3 meals (any combination of fast or table service), 2 snacks or non-alcoholic drinks per day, per person. $ 119 per adult every day, $ 47.50 per child every day.
  • All dining plans also included one rechargeable spring cup for refreshments or hot drinks at the resort where guests were staying.

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But us I don’t know if this will return the Dining Plan when I return! It might seem completely different, like how Disney World decided to completely change the annual subscription system when sales resumed this year. Keep in mind that the Annual Passholder Program came back at a higher price, so it would come as no surprise that Disney’s Dining Plan will follow suit. But again, we don’t know any details about his return.

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While we look forward to a return to the Dining Plan in 2022, it remains a mystery! But we’ll be waiting for more news and updates on your return, so stay tuned to DFB for updates.

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