PHOTOS: Disney’s new Minnie ears need to calm down. DOWN.

There are a million and one ways to express yourself with Mickey and Minnie’s ears, whether you like Mickey’s waffles or a party or literal gold!

Mickey Waffle Ears! © Disney

Today, let’s take a look at a new pair of ears that are sure to captivate (for better or for worse!).

At Disney clothes en Disneyland, you will find a new pair of Fuzzy Tie-Dye Minnie Ears per $ 29.99! When you first see these ears, you’ll notice something: there is a LOT happening, especially with all the colors (are all the colors of the rainbow in those ears?).

Wow! They are many colors in a pair of ears

These ears, which present a stuffed animal resembling a pink teddy bear this is complemented (a bit). a multicolored tie-dye pattern! We’re not exactly sure what to wear with this one, though it would probably go well with something in a similar pink hue. Our team can’t decide if these are some of the worst Minnie ears we’ve ever seen or if they’re a little cute in their unique way.

Somehow these ears … do they work?

However, these are not the most captivating ears you will find at Disney parks! As part of celebration of its 50th anniversary, Disney World launched the Luxe collection, which presented three pairs of ears over $ 100!

The Luxe 50th anniversary collection

The most amazing piece in the collection, a pair of Mickey’s ears inlaid with gold and jewelry, is currently priced at the whopping $ 1000!


We’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney news, including all the latest merchandise at Disney parks and online, so stay tuned here for more!

WARNING: Disney’s new ears will make you hungry and break you instantly

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