REVIEW: Can you grab your favorite Magic Kingdom snack at … a gas station ?!

We love some Disney dogs!

Good boy, Pluto!

Obviously we love Pluto, Goofy, Nana, Bolt, lots of Dalmatians, a lady, a tramp, and even the little footstool of Beauty and the Beast,but to be honest, our favorite has to be Disney World Corn Nuggets! We’ve been fans of this iconic Casey’s Corner snack for what seems like an eternity and we’re always on the lookout for corn nuggs in unexpected places, so we’re trying some on …a gas station?!

Corn nuggets they are a problem that we take very seriously here, and our mission is to investigate all the places that add corn buns to the menu at or around Disney parks! The last corn nuggets appeared on the outskirts of the Magic Kingdom at the Speedway gas station.

Corn Nuggets !!!!

Of course, we had to order them with one side of the cheese to see how they face each other Casey’s Corner’s Corn Dog Nuggets, and at $ 2.99 for corn dogs and $ 0.59 for the cheese sauce, it is a significantly cheaper option which does not require a park ticket. The small order offers you 6 corn nuggets, and the big one, 12, which for an extra dollar is a steal!

Speedway Cafe menu

Here is the full menu of snacks you can get at Speedway! We were also able to order on these touch screens.

Speedway touch screen menu

The process was very easy, and in no time we had Corn Dog Nuggets! Here’s a look at everything we’ve had, but let’s see how it turned out!

Corn Dog Nuggets at Speedway!

If you expect exactly the same Corn Dog Nuggets you can find in the parks, you may be a little disappointed. These nuggets were still hot and cool when we got them, but they were definitely different from the Disney classics.

Corn and Cheese Nuggets!

The cheese sauce we received was also a little different from the one advertised. They were without cheese sauce when we went, so they gave us small cups natxo cheese. The nuggets themselves They weren’t as good as Disney’s, but they reminded us of something …

Casey’s corner in the Magic Kingdom!

A few years ago, Casey’s Corner they changed their usual corn nuggets for chicken, and they looked …ill at least. The taste wasn’t awful, but we didn’t expect anything better than the best when it comes to corn nuggs at Casey’s. Luckily, those corn nuggets were changed to normal soon after. The nuggets we tried on Speedway were very similar to Casey’s weirdos.

Casey’s Corn Dogs, sick and pale

However, if you are a fan of short-lived corn dog nuggets, you might be right! The hot dog seemed made of chicken or turkey.

Speedway Corn Dog Nugget

In general, if you are loyal to Disney’s corn dog nuggets, these can be a disappointment, but if you’re a connoisseur of corn dogs, give them a try! We probably won’t be back soon because we didn’t get too hot after eating them, but try them and let us know what you think! We are always up to date with all the latest Disney news, so stay tuned to DFB for more information!

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Are you going to try the Speedway Corn Dog Nuggets? Let us know in the comments!

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