What’s new in Disney World hotels: Corn Dog Nuggets, A Boozy Hot Chocolate and Minnie Ears

Hi everybody! Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? Boy, did we sneak in!

It is the most wonderful time of the year …

Before you know it, it will be 2022! But until then, we will continue to watch all of 2021 at Disney World, such as what is happening in hotels (which are all nicely decorated at this time of year). So keep up with the latest updates!

Polynesian Village Resort merchandise upgrades


We found the most beautiful Enchanted Tiki room notebook.

In the Tiki room, Tiki, Tiki

You can write all your notes in this notebook for $ 16.99.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort’s favorite holiday cookies are back! More information here!

Polynesian Village Resort Other updates


There was a fun activity in the lobby where you can make your own necklace.

Fun crafts!

The activity costs $ 15 for children and $ 20 for adults and includes everything you need to make a Polynesian-inspired necklace.

PHOTOS: What are your thoughts on the makeover at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort ?!

Wilderness Lodge Merchandise Updates


When we visited, the guests were able to help Mercantile decorate their tree! And it looks like a lot of people have already participated to add their own creative touches.

Decoration of guests in the tree

What a fun way to make a mark on Disney World, right?

Here’s the Disney Christmas tree you won’t find in the parks!

Food updates from the contemporary complex

Contempo Cafe

He Chocolate and mint Christmas record that we LOVE returns to the screen and is available again in Mobile Order.

He’s back!

You can take this delicious holiday gift $ 5.49.

Read our review of this holiday snack

Contemporary complex merchandise upgrades

Bayview Gifts

We detected a new one 50th Anniversary Loungefly Contemporary Bag. And it’s giving us monorail vibes!


This bag is available for $ 75.

Steakhouse Dinner 71 is already one of our favorites at Disney World – here’s why!

Fort Wilderness Food Updates

The wagon Chuck

This is not new, but we had to share it! There is a place OUTSIDE the parks where you can access Corn Nuggets! And yes, you know that we love them. You can catch them at The Chuck Wagon in Fort Wilderness! And they even come with fries! SCORE!

Corn Nuggets!

This delicious snack is $ 8.99. And yes, we tried them, and yes, they are the same Corn Dog Nuggets that we know and love.

Read more about our discovery of corn nuggets here

Fort Wilderness Other updates

We discovered another fun activity in Fort Wilderness: it’s a carrion hunt. Start with a series of clues.

It’s time to look for clues!

And once you fill it out, you’ll get a fun button as a prize!

Car Hunting Award

That’s why we recommend you take a look at the resort’s activities because there are really so many fun things to see and do even when you’re not in the parks!

Check out the unexpected activity we saw at Disney World today

Saratoga Springs Food Updates

Artist’s palette

We had a chance to try the new one Mint mousse and although it tasted good, the texture woke us up a lot. And once we looked inside … um … well … it didn’t look appetizing. However, before we bit into it, we found it to be a very nice snack!

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

But you may want to try it for yourself if you like mint; now available $ 5.99.

Read our full review of mint mousse here

Saratoga Springs Merchandise Updates

The artist’s palette shop

We found another great resort bag in Saratoga Springs: here’s the one Disney Vacation Club Loungefly Club Saratoga Springs Bag.

Saratoga Springs DVC bag

We love how each of these bags represents your complex with your style!

Read our review for a 50th anniversary article at Olivia’s Cafe

Beach Club Resort food updates

Beach Club Market

There is an adorable one Mickey Vanilla Holiday Cupcake available here.

Festive cupcake

The cupcake is $ 5.99.

The egg cupcake at Disney World? We will take 10, thank you! Read our review!

Beach Club Resort merchandise updates

Beach Club Market

He Red jewel velvet ears they’re back in stock here.

Red velvet!

Those ears are $ 29.99.

All your other Minnie ears will be jealous of the newest Disney ears – look at the photos!

Yacht Club Resort food updates

The Market at Ale & Compass

You can get it Little Mermaid Cookies!

Ariel cookies

So now you can have a snack with Ariel!

This is what happens when a Disney World donut dreams of being a bagel

Yacht Club Resort merchandise upgrades

The Market at Ale & Compass

If you want to have some fun on holiday, you can get one Mickey Snoap wand i Turn on holiday lights that hang around your neck.

Holiday fun!

It can never be too festive at this time of year, right?

Are you going to Disney World for the holidays? Beware of those BUSY travel days!

Boardwalk Inn merchandise upgrades

Thimble and thread

Now you can grab it NBA Experience Merchandise a Thimble and Thread.

NBA Experience Merchandise

Of course, it’s probably because the NBA Experience closed at Disney Springs.

Art of Animation Food Updates

The Drop Off Pool Bar

We tried a DELICIOUS but unexpected drink at the pool bar: a Frozen hot mint chocolate with tip, which is done with Vodka testimonials i Schnapps bowls in mint mixed with Chocolate ice cream, topped with fresh whipped cream and sprinkles of mint.

It even looks like Christmas

And if that sounds good (and we LOVED it), you can get it now $ 13.

Read our full review of this delicious drink

Art of Animation merchandise updates

Ink and paint

Those Minnie ears with red velvet jewelry they are also here.


So if you want shiny ears, you know where to find them!

Disney’s NEW Minnie Ears 50th Anniversary is online NOW: Click here for more information

Riviera Merchandise Updates

The shop

There is one Riviera Magnet per $ 12.99.

Rep the Riviera

You can also grab one Character magnets set per $ 14.99.

Character magnets

These Donald and Daisy plush keychains they are super cute. They are $ 12.99 each.


And there is a new-us-too Disney Vacation Club Loungefly mini backpack!

DVC backpack

How SWEET is that?!?! You can take it for $ 74.99.

$ 1,000 Ears. A $ 300 backpack. What’s next Disney ?! Click here to see what we’re talking about!

These are all updates to the resort that we have at the moment, but we’ll be back with more soon, so don’t go anywhere!

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What is your favorite Disney World holiday resort? Let us know in the comments!

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