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Slinky Dog should still be your number one priority at Hollywood Studios

Genie + temporary priorities at Hollywood Studios

I will divide the attractions at Hollywood Studios into levels, depending on how much time they usually book for the day and how much time you can save using Lightning Lane instead of Standby. There will be more data on this, but for now you should prioritize by level and when that level runs out, move on to the next level. This list also includes only attractions, not shows like shows, which always make worse use of Genie + than attractions.

HS Level 1 Attractions (You’ll almost certainly get one of these):

1.5 HS level attractions

HS Level 2 Attractions

HS Level 3 Attractions

Genie + temporal priorities in Magic Kingdom

Peter Pan’s flight is booked quickly and can save you a LOT of waiting time.

Similar to Hollywood Studios, there are enough attractions in Magic Kingdom that are eligible for Genie + to make it easier to rank them according to availability and time savings. Once a specific level is booked for the day, move on to the next one. Within each level, prioritize based on what is most important to you.

Level 1 MK Attractions

Level 2 MK Attractions

Attractions of level 3 MK

MK level 4 attractions

Attractions of level 5 MK

Genie + time priorities in EPCOT

Frozen Ever After should be your new priority at EPCOT

At EPCOT, Frozen Ever After has been added to the Genie + pool and is immediately the first on this park’s list of priorities, assuming it interests your party. This means that your top three priorities should be: in that order:

  1. Frozen Ever After
  2. Test track
  3. flying

That doesn’t mean you can get all three, because one or more can book before you can book them. After the first 3, your time savings really start to slow down, but your next priorities should be:

Everything else falls to the lower level and should only be prioritized after the other options are reserved for the day. Prioritize within this level by choosing what interests you most:

Genie + Time Priorities in Animal Kingdom

You may save more time by booking a Genie reservation for Na’vi River Journey, but my family would still try to do the safaris on Kilimanjaro first.

There are very few options worth using Genie + in Animal Kingdom, included the Everest Expedition temporarily added. That said, you should prioritize your booking of attractions in this order:

  1. Journey to the Na’vi River
  2. Safaris to Kilimanjaro
  3. Everest Expedition
  5. It’s hard to be a mistake

During the busy winter holidays, you probably only get one of the two main reservations before they run out, so prioritize based on what’s most important to you.

Are you visiting Walt Disney World from now until January 3rd? Leave any questions or concerns you have in the comments and let us know your experience if you buy and use Genie + while you’re at it!

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