NEWS: Disney-owned content will be back on YouTube TV soon!

Following a recent dispute, Disney removed all of its content, including ABC, FX, ESPN, Freeform, and Disney Channel, from the YouTube TV playback service.

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While Disney content was still available on services like Hulu, millions of YouTube TV users lost access to Disney content on December 18th. Today, we have an update on the ongoing negotiations between Alphabet (the company that owns Google and YouTube TV) and Disney.

According to YouTube TV, the two companies have reached an agreement and access to Disney content is expected to return later today, with ESPN and FX now available. Along with live channels, Disney content recordings will also be available again for YouTube TV users. At some point today, you can also expect your local ABC station to return as well.

The original dispute between Disney and YouTube TV was based on shipping rates, which are the fees that Disney charges YouTube TV for permission to play its content.

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YouTube TV, believing that the rates were not fair compared to the dealings of other TV providers with Disney, decided to stop making new deals with Disney until a more equitable deal could be reached from their perspective. .

Disney also has its own set of streaming services, including Hulu, which includes its own live TV feature © Disney

We’re always up to date with the latest Disney news, so stay tuned here for more updates.

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