Disney World continues to return to “normalcy” as many experiences return to the parks.

Spectacular Indiana Jones epic stunt

And today, Indiana Jones’ Epic Stunt Spectacular is BACK after a 21 month break! It’s time to dodge a giant rock, grab some stunts and see what Marion and Indy have been doing.

He Spectacular Indiana Jones epic stunt opened in what is now Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 1989, and the show offers you one look behind the scenes in film acrobatics and action scenes inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark. You can sit and look at talented cast of acrobatic artists complete some exciting (and dangerous!) acrobatic work, and so do they they explain HOW they do it!

Indiana Jones show

The show has changed a bit since Disney World closed in March 2020, now it appears dialogues, effects, updated sequences and more. The story is still the same! We headed to Hollywood Studios to see the first show again December 19th.

You can see a fairly large line forming

Once they started letting people in, the queue moved pretty fast!

Lots of audience seats here!

However, the seats did not take long to fill up. The first show started punctually at noon, and we were so excited to see the show!

This is a full house!

When the show started, we received a special welcome announcement. We may or may not have shed a tear of happiness. After the opening words, they have added a new sequence that allows the public to know the cast!

Part of the language has been updated to focus less on “filming” and more on “recording”As a way to connect with younger members of the public who like to use devices such as phones or tablets to record things.

The temple scene is mostly the same, with some changes to the dialog here and there. Don’t worry, though! Indiana Jones still does all your favorite stunts.

Look at this swing!

There was a new funny sequence with Indy, Marion and a clothes hanger, and lots of epic jumps, rolls and stunts!

We love a good fight scene!

There were also changes with the aircraft wrestling scene. As you can see, things got pretty hot (literally!).

Run, Indy, run!

We also heard some of them new sound effects, but we won’t spoil the sounds!

We wouldn’t want to be in this car …

See more about what Disney has added to the show here!

You can watch Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at 12h, 13:15, 15:15, 16:45, i 6 p.m.. We recommend that you check Disney World’s official schedule before you visit so you CAN change! Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney World news!

Read more about Indiana Jones ’spectacular epic stunt schedules here!

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