PHOTOS: How were the Disney World crowds the weekend before Christmas?

Happy Holidays, DFB Readers! With Christmas just around the corner, it’s almost time to say goodbye to the Festival Festival and the Very Merriest After Hours, and it’s time to say goodbye to the Arts Festival!

Holidays at the Wilderness Lodge Resort

Today, let’s take a look at what the crowd was like the weekend before Christmas! With so many people on holiday trips to Disney World, especially around the 25th, you can expect a lot of people in the parks at this time of year.

Magical Kingdom

With Christmas just around the corner, Magic Kingdom has been pretty busy this weekend! As always, Main Street, USA, had a lot of people in the morning and throughout the day.

People on the main street as usual!

Some areas, such as Freedom Square and Frontierland, they weren’t too busy all day and there were definitely some pockets in the park that were empty.

Not so busy in the Plaza de la Libertad

Meanwhile, big ticket areas like Fantasyland

Fantasyland is pretty busy!

I Adventureland won big crowds during the day!

Adventureland was excited!

It wasn’t crowded in mid-July, but you could certainly sense that it was a busy time at Disney World.

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This weekend, EPCOT has had its usual Festival of the Celebrations commotion and bustle, with moderate crowds everywhere World showcase while people were heading to the food stalls or their next destination.

There is some work on the World Showcase!

Agglomerations in individual pavilions like the Japan Pavilion they weren’t particularly serious, but you can definitely tell that things are getting a little crowded at Disney World.

Nothing too crazy, but there are definitely a lot of people here

Although it is moderately crowded at EPCOT, it would not be surprising to find catwalks nearby Future world

It’s empty!

Dins and inside World showcase which are relatively empty, so don’t worry, there’s still plenty of room to breathe in EPCOT.

Not too busy!

Overall, it wasn’t particularly busy at EPCOT, but it certainly wasn’t a ghost town either!

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios, as is often the case, was one of the busiest parks this weekend!

Crowded day at Hollywood Studios!

High volume areas like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge it continued to attract large crowds, with many people heading there Rise of the Resistance, Smugglers Run and many shops in the area.

Lots of people on Galaxy’s Edge!

Restaurants com Pizzeria saw filling their outdoor dining areas …

Pizzerizzo was … full?

… And there were some pretty long queues for attractions like Tower of Terror.

The line for the Tower of Terror was quite long

However, on Sunday morning, early entry to the theme park, an advantage for guests at the resort that allows them to enter the park early, was extended from 30 minutes before opening to a full hour. We enjoyed an almost empty park on a foggy Orlando morning.

Hey … where’s everyone?

However, after the early entry to the theme park was over, people were returning to Hollywood studios!

The crowd is back!

There were especially long queues and lots of people for the spectacular Indiana Jones stunt, which is back today!

Long queues for Indy!

Here’s all the holiday audience news we have for you! Stay tuned here for the latest Disney news!

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