“This movie made me feel again”: 74 thoughts I had watching ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ for the first time


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It’s the FINAL movie I have to watch before I go to “Spider-Man: No Way Home”! (Editor’s note: I saw No Way Home on Saturday and will never be the same).

I’m really into Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and I really like Gwen Stacy, so I hope we have more of her in this one! I also hope the bad guy is better than the lizard man.

74 thoughts I had watching ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ for the first time

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1. I love the Marvel logo, but an interesting musical choice.

2. Okay, let’s visit Peter’s father again. Understand.

3. Bad music. Clearly this pilot is a bad guy.

© Sony / Marvel

4. This is just a dramatic representation of me trying to send my final text messages before my phone has to go into airplane mode.

5. Is it Paul Giamatti? * check IMDB * yes. Do you think I just wanted to be in it for fun?

6. Oh, Jamie Foxx! Get off the road Jamie Foxx!

7. Queen Gwen !!

8. The action in these with slow-mo + humor is very nice.

© Sony / Marvel


10. No matter who plays her, Aunt May is a treasure !!! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

11. The ghost of Dennis Leary will chase Peter all over this movie to cause teenage anxiety, right?

12. Spider-Man helping the child to fix his science fair project and taking it home 😭

13. Do you think that when you audition for Spider-Man you just have to bend down a lot?

14. Jamie Foxx will become Spider-Man’s best friend or the bad guy. There is no middle ground.

© Sony / Marvel

15. I love when the title of the movie (or book) is said out loud.

16. Aunt May is becoming a nurse !!! A saint !!

17. The Daily Bugle !!? WILL JK SIMMONS APPEAR ???

18. Jamie Foxx is a sweet angel !!!

19. Who is this pompous bag?

20. Wait … Harry? Are you trying to tell me that this is a variant of James Franco and that it is Willem Dafoe !!!!?

© Sony / Marvel

21. Isn’t Willem Dafoe, is it Chris Cooper? I’m so confused.

22. BJ Novak you are an idiot !!!! Jamie Foxx is breaking my heart. CELEBRATING HIS BIRTHDAY.

23. Well, obviously something is going to go wrong here.


25. Is it weird that I’m glad Jamie Foxx clearly has powers? He deserves them.

26. This Harry Variant hair is the real crime of this movie.

27. Here for this bromance.

28. Whoaaaa Jamie Foxx has great powers!

© Sony / Marvel

29. Friends with ex will not work. YOU ARE ONLY TOGETHER.

30. Omg Jamie Foxx is even breaking my soul as bad. He is a normal and sweet boy !!! That didn’t ask for it!

31. Peter Parker is doing such a great job and this stupid sniper will ruin it !!!!!


33. Whose voice does Jamie Foxx hear? Your own?

34. Whoaaaaaa this slowdown, this is a drug.

35. This is easily the best of these early movies. Jamie Foxx made me feel bad for him and understand his motives in 8 minutes of screen time. MUCH more convincing than Lizardman or Sandman or even Doc Ock.

36. We love a hard-working montage.

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37. Reference jaws !!! (Slightly incorrect view of appointment, but I will accept.)

38. Harry doesn’t feel like he has the mental strength to be bitten by a super spider.

39. Harry, please don’t make a move with Gwen.

40. Why do they always give German accents to evil doctors?

41. ELECTRO !!!!

42. “You are my child.” “I’m your child. You’re more than enough.” I’M CRYING A LOT.

© Sony / Marvel

43. How does anyone recognize his voice ???

44. Gwen no !!! Do not say that. Just love each other! (Although I respect you for pursuing your Oxford dreams as the strong, bright woman you are!)

45. Who is this actress ???? … OMG, IT’S FELICITY JONES !!!

46. ​​Surprisingly, Harry has a good moral fiber that is nice.

47. SECRET METRO STATION !! This sounds like some National Treasury moves.

48. OMG YOUR FATHER LIVES INSIDE HIM! Like a weird spider horcrux.

49. Max helping Harry because he said he needed him and he just wants to feel needed and loved is strangely sweet.

© Sony / Marvel

50. Will you have a dramatic chase at the airport !!! ??

51. Whoaaaa looks at Max’s elegant new dress.

52. Are Harry and Peter literal blood brothers now?

53. Okay, what’s going on? (Apart from a Green Goblin transformation sequence)

54. Her romance is so cheesy, but I’m supporting these kids.

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56. Whoa made the building his face.

57. My slight fear of flying is PAST is right now.

58. “A god named Sparkles?” LOL.

59. Tom is still my favorite, but Andrew has some good coatings here.


61. This is the first of these movies where I’ve heard anything. I’m cheering for the planes! Sad for Jamie Foxx! Proud of Gwen! Relieved, Spider-Man is alive!

62. I spoke too soon. I forgot the Green Goblin variant.

© Sony / Marvel

63. He looks like a “Return to Oz” Wheeler.

64. Okay, now I feel stressed.


66. Is this a joke? She can’t be dead ??? !!!!

© Sony / Marvel

67. It wasn’t a joke. I almost said how much I liked this movie, but I can’t stand behind them killing Gwen.

68. Who is this mysterious man? Is it the last final credits? (I think so.)

69. Fierce lord? (Edit: The Internet says Mr. Fiers. Let’s be honest, Mr. Fierce would be a much better name.)

70. Paul Giamatti is back!

71. The little boy in the spider dress


73. I cry again.

© Sony / Marvel

Wow! Was it really a good movie? It was easily my favorite of the previous Tom Spider-Man movies. I’m probably alone in this, considering that I didn’t grow up with comics and that I arrive VERY late at these movies.

But I think Andrew Garfield is wonderful !! It’s legitimately funny and has the arrogance that Spider-Man needs IMO. It’s as if Peter is awkward and nerdy, but he puts on his suit and has it. Also, the chemistry between Peter and Gwen is perfection, which made his death even more heartbreaking.

Speaking of seizures, that scene with Aunt May and Peter broke me. What a great performance by both Sally Field and Andrew Garfield! I also thought Jamie Foxx was incredibly convincing as a villain. My favorite bad guys are the ones you can sympathize with and understand where they come from, like Killmonger or even Thanos to some extent, compared to a super bad guy who is just hungry for power.

Overall, I really enjoyed this Spider-Man movie, and out of the 5, this is the one I’ll probably watch again! Is that an unpopular opinion?

I position it this: 7/10.

And considering I’ve already seen ‘Homecoming’ and ‘Far From Home’, it’s time for NO WAY HOME BABY !!!

What is your favorite Spiderman movie? Let us know in the comments !!

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