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This annual event, held at the American Gardens Theater in the American Adventure Pavilion, features a celebrity narrator, a full choir and a 50-piece orchestra performing traditional holiday songs each night.

American Adventure Pavilion – EPCOT Holiday Decorations

Keep in mind that it is virtually impossible to get damaged during this masterful display, and many guests think so too. People are queuing up for this first-class experience long before it starts, and Disney even offers a candlelit processional dining package that guarantees seating.

If the lines and / or a package of food seem like a nuisance, we have a secret. Because the American Gardens Theater is open-air, guests passing through the pavilion can listen to music, storytelling, and even some elements of the show.

If you want to check it out, grab a snack at one of the Holiday Kitchen booths, find a trash can (* ahem * festival table) close and enjoy!

4. Christmas light displays

One of the best things Disney has done for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary is the new Spaceship Earth lighting package as one of the Beacons of Magic. Seriously, it’s amazing and it’s worth staying in the park after dark, especially since a special holiday tag has been added to the screen! It’s the perfect way to end the day.

This is not the only place in the park that offers Christmas lights. Once again, Disney has decked out Living with the Land greenhouses with Christmas lights for an extra festive experience. However, you will want to wait until dark to fully enjoy this overlay.

3. The best of the Fest holiday kitchens

There are MANY delicious ones at the Festival Festival, and if you need an excuse to stuff yourself, we have it, just say it’s for the Christmas dinner quest. Welcome.

However, since there are so many options, here are some of them ours favorite to help you reduce what you want to try.

Slowly Roasted Turkey with Original Ben Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Cranberry Sauce at The American Holiday Table for $ 5.75

Set on American Adventure, this old but sweet treat is plentiful and very, very delicious! Plus, it’s the perfect mini-meal when you’re traveling.

Cheese fondue in a bread bowl with steamed vegetables and marbled potatoes at the Bavaria Holiday Kitchen for $ 8.25

Hot and melted cheese? This article from the German pavilion festival stand could be an infallible success.

Almost everything from the donut box near the test track

Our Chrissy Park reporter especially enjoyed the egg cream stuffed donut, and the gingerbread milkshake includes the option to purchase an exclusive cup for the annual pass holder.

Lamb Kefta or Grilled Chicken Kebabs Harissa at Tangierine Cafe – Flavors of the Medina Holiday Kitchen for $ 5.75

The Moroccan pavilion has enjoyed a brilliance in terms of rates throughout 2021, and its holiday cuisine was one of our team’s favorites this year. Both the lamb and the chicken skewers were very good and full of flavor.

Please note that these are just some of our festival favorites. We can also recommend articles from L’Chaim! Holiday Kitchen, Mele Kalikimaka and Yukon Holiday Kitchen.

2. Holiday storytellers

The Festival Storytellers have returned to the Festival Festival and are a delight. Almost every World Showcase pavilion offers one of these talented storytellers, and both young and old will enjoy their performances and hear about the cultures and legends of other nations.

Our recommendations? Don’t miss Santa Claus in the UK, Santa Claus in France, the Hannukah Storyteller between Morocco and France or Barn Santa in Norway.

Also, right at the World Showcase entrance, JOIG! It is worth visiting a celebration of the season. They always end up with German act 2The modern and spectacular version of “Joyful, Joyful”. If you know it, you know it.

1. Holiday cookie walk

Jar of EPCOT Festival Cookies

If Santa needs cookies for his trip around the world, so do your World Showcase trip; and the holiday cookie ride rewards you eating cookies. Yes, readers, that’s why Walt Disney World is where dreams come true.

To participate in the Holiday Cookie Ride, guests must purchase a cookie from each of the 5 cookie-cutter locations that consist of the Yukon Holiday Kitchen, L’Chaim! Holiday kitchen, American holiday table, Bavarian holiday kitchen and holiday home dessert.

Be sure to request a stamp each time you purchase a cookie and add it to your festival holiday passport. Once you’ve collected five stamps, go to the Passport for Holiday Sweets and Sweets to receive not only a special 50th birthday ornament-shaped cookie, but also a mint sundae in a beautiful souvenir cup!

Note: You don’t have to complete the walk in one day, and you can bring your sealed passport to Holiday Sweets & Eats at any time during the festival.

Also, in our experience, cast members are only looking for five stamps and not necessarily five different stamps. So if you buy several of the same type of cookies, you will still get this reward.

Are you planning to see the Festival Festival before the end of December 30th? What is your favorite part of the festival? Let us know in the comments!

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