What’s new in Disney’s Animal Kingdom: BIG Holiday Crowds and a Ride reopens

It’s about to go wild, folks. Because we’re heading to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Animal kingdom

We’ve found some new features to keep in mind before visiting this Disney World park. There’s a back-to-back snack that looks pretty … interesting, a reopened attraction, and some mysterious new fences. Let’s dive in!

We’ll start with this interesting-looking snack we just mentioned. But don’t worry – we get the feeling it doesn’t taste as bad as it looks!

Animal Food Updates

wind traders

When the Pandora section of Animal Kingdom opened, they had a new treat called Vein Pods. These are basically krispie rice candies covered in green white chocolate i decorated with “veins” of milk chocolate.

Veins in Pandora

We recently saw these delights in the park, at the wind traders gift shop (outside the Avatar exit: Flight of Passage ride).

The Vein Pods are back

Snacks are designed to look like vein sheath plants which you can detect in this section of the park, which (according to the story) absorbs methane in Pandora and, as a result, smells very dirty. Sounds like an ideal snack, right?

Pandora vein sheath plant

The Vein Pods are pre-packaged, therefore the rice krispie will not be so fresh as one you can find in the showcases at Zuri candy store in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom. But we must give points for the dedication to the theme!

Vein sheath treatment

You can grab a Vein Pod for $ 4.99.

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Animal Kingdom Merchandise Updates

Discovery trade

At Discovery trade, we saw a restock of a classic-looking Mickey Mouse corduroy hat.

Mickey’s hat

We’ve seen this hat in a couple of different places now, and is now available again in Animal Kingdom. You can buy one for $ 29.99.


Mercantile Island

At Mercantile Island, we saw the new 50th anniversary tracksuit of the luxury logo we originally found at Disney Hollywood Studios!

Luxury tracksuit with logo in Animal Kingdom

The tracksuit is a velvet corduroy material, and has golden stripes everywhere. Like the other Luxe Logo items, it is quite expensive. You can get the top for $ 149.99 and funds for $ 129.99.

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Animal Kingdom Construction Updates

We have some interesting news for thrill seekers: Kali River Rapids is finally open to the animal kingdom!

Kali River Rapids

This attraction closed for a few weeks due to renovations, however reopened on December 16th. You can now ride it!


We also saw some fences in DinoLand, USA.

Rest area?

Right now, the area is cut off and the space in front of it is used as a car park.

Parking for strollers at the moment

Disney has not officially said what’s going on in this area, so we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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Animal Kingdom Crowd Updates

When we visited Animal Kingdom, the crowd was BIG.


It’s pretty obvious that the holiday season has begun, because there were a lot of people visiting this park (and all Disney World parks).

Lots of people here!

We expect crowds to stay fairly high over the next few weeks as the holidays continue, so consider getting to the parks early so you can make the most of your time there, place your mobile orders sooner, and make the most of it. . any benefit for Disney World hotel guests if they request it, namely early entry to the theme park and extended night hours! Follow DFB for more tips on navigating the Disney World crowds.

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Are you visiting Animal Kingdom soon? Let us know in the comments.

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