PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Have a rainy day at Disney World Walk with us

Florida is home to all kinds of weather, but it is known for rain. Lots of rain.

It’s a rainy day at Magic Kingdom!

A rainy day at Disney World it may seem like a terrible idea, but the truth is that there are still some many ways to have fun! Not to mention how the parks look on a gloomy day. Come join us and you will see what we mean!

Today is one of those very rainy days at Disney World, and the ponchos and umbrellas they are out in full force. Doesn’t Cinderella’s castle look beautiful in the gloomy sky?

How are you doing on a rainy day at Disney World?

Check out how the crowds are managing the rain in Magic Kingdom!

On a rainy day at Disney World, we recommend carrying items as one waterproof hat, a poncho, waterproof bags, waterproof shoes or extra socks and a compact umbrella, among other elements. While you can buy umbrellas and ponchos at Disney World, you’ll probably pay a little more than anywhere else. We tried a Disney World rain poncho to see if it was worth the extra money. Read our thoughts here.

Royal carousel of the charming prince

Rainy days can often be a good time to take advantage of the smallest crowds! Remember the holiday crowds we’ve been seeing? Today it is not so busy, as many people often choose to stay or do something else on a rainy day.

Magical Kingdom

In fact, rainy days can be a great time to visit attractions and attractions! Many Disney World attractions are inside (and have queues inside), so you can stay dry AND you may also find shorter waiting times.

Hollywood Studies

At the time of our visit, the Disney skyliner it still worked! The Skyliner will do it in general keep running unless there is lightning, but your mileage may vary if you visit on a stormy day.

Skyliner was working!

Check out what it’s like to go Skyliner on a rainy day!

A sightseeing tour of the Monorail on a rainy day is another great way to stay dry and maybe visit some places you wouldn’t normally see! You can stop at several Hotels Disney World Resort on the Monorail line without ever going out in the rain. Today we took advantage of a monorail to escape the rain!

If you are still looking for something to do, you can also visit Disney Springs to visit a restaurant, stop by the AMC cinema or shop! Check out some other Disney World rainy day activities YouTube.

Thank you for coming with us on a rainy day at Disney World! Keep reading DFB for more weather tips at Disney World.

See what CLOSE attractions due to bad weather at Disney World.

Do not miss it Cap Disney fun!

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