What’s new at EPCOT: some very expensive artwork and a lot of construction progress

As we get closer to Christmas Day, Disney World parks are getting busier!

Happy Holidays from EPCOT!

We’ve seen quite a lot of crowds and high waiting times in the last few days, but that’s not all that’s happening. There are also new foods, merchandise and works to check out, and today we share the full list of EPCOT news from the last few days!

EPCOT food updates

Tequila Cava

Are you looking for a drink that has a punch? Well, towards Tequila Cava inside the Mexico Pavilion and try his new tequila, Teremana!

New tequila at EPCOT!

Cava is one of DFB’s favorites (and a bit of a hidden gem), making it a great place to stop while touring the World Showcase. They have really unique drink options that you won’t find anywhere else!

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EPCOT construction updates

Construction is progressing at EPCOT these days, with a lot of progress! We saw the events of the ancient world of the future when we took a monorail ride last week.

Things are moving forward.

So what’s going on? Lots of dirt piles, to begin with! It looks like work is being done on Moana’s future home: Journey of Water.

Lots and lots of dirt.

We will be watching this area to see what changes there will be in the coming months. Although there are walls around it, it is very easy to detect from the monorail.

Very good views from the monorail!

And at the future location of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, the painting continued on the outside of the building. We can’t see what’s going on inside, but it looks like the outside is well on its way to the opening of the summer of 2022!

Here they are working painting.

We look forward to seeing this trip next year, and will continue to share progress until then!

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EPCOT Merchandise Updates

Disney Art

Starting the American adventure, there were several new things in Art of Disney. One day, the The featured artist was David Doss, and had a whole collection of cards and artwork on display.

David Doss’s pop-up on American Adventure

How beautiful are these designs? We love seeing new artwork here from time to time!

How nice?!

We also saw some amazing (and quite expensive) new items on display in the store. First, there is a creation that represents Mickey Mouse and SpectroMen from SpectroMagic. This is a setback!

This SpectroMagic print is awesome.

You will have to pay a lot $ 2300 to buy this.

That brings us back!

And if you like wood carvings, check out this Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean design. It’s really awesome!

This thing is really cool.

And like SpectroMagic’s artwork, it’s priced high. Sold by $ 1990.

Gateway Gifts

At Gateway Gifts, we found a nice pair of Mickey Mouse earrings. They are unobtrusive, but will match any outfit.

Would you wear these?

They would be a great gift for the Disney fan in your life, and you can buy them $ 39.99.

Pine traders

We detected a new one MagicBand at Pin Traders with a Monsters, Inc. design. One side of the band has the adorable monster Sulley, while the other features its distinctive pattern.

Would you buy this?

If you want to pick it up during your trip, you’ll need to set it aside $ 29.99.

The fjord

In Norway, we saw some unexpected items. Geir Ness launched a new dog shampoo and fragrance spray that were in stock $ 25 and $ 30 each.

Some new products in Norway!

It is made with notes from its Leila and Geir fragrances “creating a unisex scent that connects human and dog.” So if you’ve ever dreamed of smelling like your dog, now is the time!

The Tea Caddy

And finally, The Tea Caddy in the UK Pavilion has a new set of gifts just in time for the holidays. It is the Twinings Classics collection with 8 different types of tea.

We know what we will drink during the winter!

It has a combination of black, green and herbal teas: is it time for a tea party?

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EPCOT Crowds Update

And finally, let’s talk about crowds. It’s been a busy week in all the parks, and EPCOT is definitely included!

Some days it’s a lot of work!

The World Showcase is cheering these days, with crowds gathering for the Festival Festival. It was hard for us to walk through some of the narrowest pavilions.

Sometimes it got very tight.

However, not all areas of the park were full from shoulder to shoulder. Some of the most open spaces were unoccupied.

Be aware of your surroundings!

EPCOT is a little easier to navigate than some of the other parks because of its size, but you will still face some challenges in the coming days. We will keep you posted with the latest details from the crowd!

We will continue to share all the news from the public!

This is all new to EPCOT right now, but stay tuned to DFb for any updates in the coming weeks!

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