Are dining reservations SUPER limited to Disney World right now? Let’s investigate.

Whether at Disney World or your hometown, restaurants experienced limited capacity restrictions as of March 2020 that seemed to barely erase the availability of reservations. Since then, however, capacity has returned to more or less normal, but so has Disney Advance reservation of dining room has the process become easier?

Beef fillet in the oak oven at California Grill

The lack of available dining reservations seems to be a hot topic and many readers have come into contact with concerns. This led us to wonder if there really were no advance or very limited food reservations at Disney World. We put on our researcher hat and set to work to get an answer!

In fact, we received a fairly quick response and realized that yes, there are plenty of dining reservations available. However, these are not the reservations you are looking for!

What is really available right now?

We did several searches to see which Disney World dining reservations were listed and we had a decent amount to choose from, no matter what date we chose! We started with one ultra last minute dinner reservations and sought the next calendar day. If you would like to book a reservation for, for example, tonight, we were able to find a dinner reservation for two at 7pm at Be our guest restaurant. Not bad if you want to dine at Beast Castle with little or no notice!

Be Our Guest Restaurant bookings available for December 22, 2021 from December 21 © Disney

Other options that appeared within 24 hours of booking included Oga’s Cantina i The Paris Creperie, one of EPCOT’s newest restaurants. These are just some of the many dining options we have found. If you want to dine at a 24-hour table service restaurant at Disney World, there seem to be plenty of options available (They may not be your first choice!).

La Creperie de Paris!

If you want to improve your chances of finding your preferred reservation, you will want to book as soon as possible. So our next search was 60 days out —The farthest you can book now — and you’ve found several reservations available at restaurants like Le Cellier, Be Our Guest Restaurant, Citricos, i Grill 71.

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So what’s so hard to find?

There are a number of table service restaurants that have been known for years as places where it is quite difficult to find an advance food reservation. That was true before the closures and is still true to this day! Among all our searches, we had a hard time finding many, if any, reservations for restaurants like Cinderella’s Royal Table, California Grill, ‘Ohana, and another new EPCOT restaurant, Space 220.

Florida Red Snapper from space 220

However, while we were digging, we managed to find it a lunch reservation for 2 at 11:40 am per ‘Ohana 60 days in advance! Therefore, in some cases, they are available; you may only need to click for a few minutes to see if it appears.

Ohana bookings available on February 19, 2022 from December 21 © Disney

These reservations are not impossible to find, but they are still difficult to find and require a little extra planning. Here are some tips we can offer to make your booking process a little easier!

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Tips for getting the perfect reservation for a dining room.

As mentioned above, the best way to improve your chances of getting your advance meal reservation (ADR) is to be prepared to book just when the ADR window for your 60-day trip opens. Reservations are available at approximately 5:45 AM EST, so you want to make sure you set the alarm this morning!

Royal Cinderella Table

When it’s time to book, book these mega-popular restaurants first before your bookings run out. These include, among others, “Ohana, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Space 220, Chef Mickey’s and California Grill, although other restaurants may have fluctuating demand throughout the year.

California Grill

Finding reservations at peak times can increase your chances of success. If you don’t mind eating a late lunch or an early dinner, you may find more options available. And if you can’t find your best restaurants, keep checking! Plans change all the time, and Last minute bookings may appear as other guests adjust their own dining hours.

Be our guest restaurant

You may want to consider backup options if your best options are not available – You may find a new favorite restaurant! For example, if you can’t find a reservation at Chef Mickey’s, consider Topolino’s Terrace!

Monorail through Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

As a last resort, you might want to check it out Mobile Dine Walk-Up Waiting List once at Disney World to see if table service restaurants accept late-day walking tours. We’ve heard many success stories from guests who may be sitting in hard-to-reach restaurants on the day with just a few minutes notice!

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To sum up, be prepared to book your dining reservations at 5:45 a.m. from the 60-day advance booking window., and if your favorites don’t show up, keep checking! Hopefully this will make what can be a stressful process of booking early dining reservations a little easier. Stay tuned for more Disney World tips and tricks!

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Having trouble finding dining reservations at Disney World right now? Share your experience in the comments!

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