Disneyland Paris premieres an impressive renovation of Sleeping Beauty Castle

Just in time to celebrate his 30th birthdayth Anniversary in 2022, Sleeping Beauty Castle has reopened to Disneyland Paris guests after 12 months of renovation! With gilded and gilded details and unique and luxurious mosaics, the Disneyland Paris symbol shines brighter than ever thanks to the Walt Disney Imagineering teams and the master builders who came together for the biggest renovation the castle has seen since. opened in 1992.

“It simply came to our notice then. Some effects have even been improved to make the castle structure even more resilient in the coming years, “said Tracy Eck, art director of Walt Disney Imagineering Paris, who oversaw the work done to revitalize it. “It took almost a year to complete these works on site with all the equipment. Painters, electricians, goldsmiths, roofers … It was a hive of activity.”

Disneyland Paris also has a long history of collaborating with French and European artisans to build and maintain the decor throughout the resort, and this very special project was no different. Imaging and construction teams asked several French experts in rehabilitating historic monuments in carpentry, roofing, painting and hardware to contribute their skills to the project, which saw the Sleeping Beauty Castle recognized as a valuable monument in France.

“Some of the suppliers with whom we were lucky enough to collaborate on this project only work on historical monuments. When they accepted this commission, we realized that they considered our castle as a historical monument that is part of our heritage. It was very emotional, “said Tracy.

Let’s take a look at how the team put together their skills to restore Sleeping Beauty Castle:

And did you know that there are even special hidden references in France to the Sleeping Beauty Castle? Some are fun and symbolic, like the golden snails that seem to try to get away from the French chefs, and some are more artistic, like the geometric gardens inspired by the iconic French tapestries. Here are some more fun facts about renovating this beautiful castle!

  • Sleeping Beauty Castle is 141 feet high, with its tallest tower 55 feet high and weighing 15 tons.
  • The reform of the castle was carried out 50,000 hours.
  • 19,900 slate tiles they were custom designed and installed on decks using 19,900 hooks. As a result, 4.8 miles of blackboards they were cut.
  • 41,200 gold leaves they were applied by hand to gild certain parts of the castle.
  • The equipment used 1,200 liters of paint throughout the project, included 14 different shades of pink.
  • As Disneyland Paris is the top tourist destination in Europe, Sleeping Beauty Castle is the most visited castle in Europe!

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