Holiday Service Members Sprinkle 50th Anniversary Magic this Walt Disney World Holiday Season

When you walk into the Walt Disney World Resort, there’s always a feeling of magic in the air, but there’s something more special about being here during the holidays.

Year after year, Walt Disney World is transformed into a country of whimsical wonders with a theme decoration incomparable to anything you’ve seen before. Everything happens in the blink of an eye, as if by magic, thanks to the members of the Holiday Services team, who work behind the scenes all year round to create the perfect trees, garlands and wreaths. It’s a legacy of 50 years in the making, and the team is proud to take it forward together.

The members of the holiday services team are meticulous in their level of care and attention throughout the year, pouring love into every detail as they prepare for the next holiday cycle.

These cast members are not only adept at detailing what it takes to create world-class décor, but they also have an unparalleled passion for the holiday, the secret ingredient to creating such imaginative and immersive environments.

His love for his work is made visible through his eagerness to imagine new ideas and his attention to detail, with which he never commits. From planning to construction to installation, these incredibly talented cast members oversee their creations from start to finish, making sure no branches are left unclean and no ornaments untouched.

Ed Miles, cast member and planner of Disney's Holiday Services
Ed Miles, a cast member and 43-year-old planner at Disney’s Holiday Services, empowers his cast members to bring their ideas to life and let their individual styles shine through in their work.

While Walt Disney World was preparing for its 50th anniversaryth holiday season, the team found new ways to integrate festive elements of the world’s most magical celebration into their traditional holiday decorations.

From EARidescence trim ornaments to giant mint sticks with gold leaf, every designer thought outside the box to pay tribute to the 50’s.th Birthday celebration small and big.

Details for Walt Disney World Holiday Decorations
To honor the world’s most magical celebration, the Holiday Services team added a shiny gold ribbon, ornaments and more to the trees, garlands and wreaths of Walt Disney World.

Perhaps the most impressive details of all are the ones you don’t notice right away. Take a look at each of the tall trees in our Walt Disney World theme parks, for example, and you’ll see that each park has 50th The birthday color scheme is woven along its ornaments. More than 50 most notableth Easter Eggs, the team focused on subtle design options such as color themes to further enhance the story and create a truly perfect experience.

Holiday Services Decorations for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World
Holiday Services cast members hand-decorate every piece larger than life using a collection of more than 45,000 materials, ensuring that everything has the same impressive level of detail regardless of size.

“I am just proud to be able to help bring in the 50’sth Celebrating the anniversary of life for our guests on October 1st.

“I love going out to theme parks when we’ve just set up and watching the guests come in for the first time: what they’re running at, what they see, what they’re pointing at, never aging or ever doing. All the members of our cast “It’s their pride, that’s their pride, when they see the guests come in and do their job and they want to take pictures with her. You can see how everyone thinks, ‘I’m so proud to be a part of this.’

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