Rides for your Disney-hating friends

With seemingly endless attractions, attractions, festivals and restaurants, Disney World has something for everyone: even people who hate Disney!

Cinderella Castle

Let’s be honest, Disney magic isn’t for everyone.

But even for those who find it all a bit cloying, there are rides they love.

Tower of Terror

One of the most universally loved attractions in Disney World also feels the least Disney. Really, the only people who don’t like Tower of Terror are the ones who are afraid of heights (and maybe creepy dolls).

Tower of Terror

Free of Disney characters or mild nostalgia, The Tower of Terror is Disney’s quintessential thrill that feels more like a legitimate haunted house with a strong adrenaline rush that will satisfy the most ardent theme park enthusiast i his friends who hate Disney.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

Disney has a lot of iconic characters, though Steven Tyler is not one of them. That’s why high-speed roller coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is better for rock ‘n’ roll fans than for Disney fans.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

Aerosmith-influenced travel is also one of Disney’s most intense and fast-paced roller coasters. zooming in on a dark interior space completely devoid of any Disney decor, while “Walk This Way” (or another bop of the band) sounds in the background.

Rise of the Resistance

From time to time, a journey arrives that is so impressive and immersive full of an epic story that it is impossible not to be dazzled. This is true of Rise of the Resistance, the multipart epic Star Wars attraction on Galaxy’s Edge.

Rise of the Resistance

Even people who haven’t seen one Star Wars Surely the movie will be blown away by this top-notch attraction which is full of technology, traveling vehicles, simulated space flight and interactive characters.

Safaris to Kilimanjaro

Like a cruise through the jungle of real life without any Disney kitsch, Animal Kingdom’s Kilimanjaro Safaris is as close as you can get to embarking on a real safari in this hemisphere.


Driving through a wide range of environments, from the savannah full of zebras and giraffes to rivers with hippos and crocodiles, is an exciting experience that replaces typical Disney animals (your Chips, your Dales, etc.) with real animals..

Everest Expedition

For a good old roller coaster experience, the Everest Expedition is hard to beat. Flying over Animal Kingdom like a real mountain, this exciting attraction is especially exciting for park attendees who prefer to forget they are at Disney World.

Everest Expedition

The only “character” you see on the ride is a grunting Yeti, and the whole atmosphere of the attraction, from the detailed tail to the roller coaster, is much more Himalayan than flowery.

Step flight

Speaking of immersive and tech-savvy attractions that will leave you speechless, Flight of Passage is the type of trip that will take even the most anti-Avatar fan to tears of joy.

Step flight tail 4
Cua Flight of Passage a Pandora – World of Avatar a Disney’s Animal Kingdom

You don’t even have to have seen the movie to be surprised by the trip, which makes guests feel like they’re in charge of Pandora on the back of a banshee, resulting in a full-body multisensory experience that you won’t soon forget.


There is nothing openly Disney about such an intense and frightening journey that you may fear for your life. The dinosaur is an adrenaline pump that transports guests through a time machine to the Late Cretaceous to rescue a cute iguanodon.


Sympathy stops here, though. The devastation is exhausted by a terrifying Carnotaur, an impending meteorite impact and a vehicle moving you in absolute darkness. Your friends who hate Disney will love it, as long as they don’t oppose a little whiplash.

Space Mountain

This is a rare election in Magic Kingdom for those who hate Disney, but Space Mountain is a classic ride that should serve as a good alternative to, say, the Mad Tea Party.

Space Mountain

The fast inland roller coaster is not only a total thrill, but it’s hard to look and feel like Disney when you’re surrounded by total darkness.

Test track

Designed primarily for hiking enthusiasts, The EPCOT track test is Disney’s least sensational ride in the park, which should make your friends happy if they prefer Chevrolet cars to Mickey Mouse.

Test track

Disney World’s Fastest Travel is a unique attraction that allows guests to customize their own cars before zooming in at 65 mph on an indoor / outdoor track. with no Disney details in sight.

Test track

So the next time you visit Disney World with someone who hates you and bothers you to take them there, just take them to any of these attractions. They will thank you later.

Disney World’s most divisible attractions

What’s the best trip to Disney World for your Disney AMORTS friends? Let us know in the comments!

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