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If you like to know the personalities behind your favorite podcasts, you’ll be thrilled to hear that more content creators are leaning towards video podcasts. In July 2020, Spotify has launched a video podcast with Anchor, Which gives Spotify original creators the option to add videos to their audio experience. (This past October, We’ve opened up capacity for more manufacturers.) Now, cultural commentator like DJ Academics, host Off the record with DJ Academics, Continues to use video formats to make their shows more dynamic and deeper connections with audiences.

With a feature like providing a unique experience on Spotify, we are now starting to roll out original video content in a few more countries, including Japan, Italy, France and Sweden. Check out some of the top charts around the world from the Spotify Original Video Podcast here.

Educast: Passionate Learning University

Spotify’s first video podcast in Japan Educast: Passionate Learning University, Which has been launched in collaboration with the television network Nippon TV. The educational show covers various topics and every other Monday three new episodes are released where the lecturers specialize in their respective fields. Includes recent guest models and video makers Neo, Tokyo Olympic Skateboarding Gold Medalist Sakura Yososumi, And Japanese actors Ryuji Sato.

New G.

Italy debuts its first video podcast, New G., This is last November. The show releases new episodes every Thursday and features five dynamic hosts, each coming from a different cultural background. In each episode, the team discusses and debates a variety of topics, all with a common thread: how diversity affects our life experiences. The The first episode Tackling the question, “Does Dad belong on social media?” In just four episodes, New G. It has already become a hit among the Italian audience.

The Fabulous

A group of five influential people living under one roof, The Fabulous The first video podcast from France Spotify Studio France. Every Wednesday, a new episode is published on a different topic: friendship, mental health, astrology, sex, gender identity. You name it. Each member of this fictitious fivesome brings their own opinion to the table. So far, the show has had great success: each The Fabulous The episode ranks in the top 10 on France’s Spotify charts, mostly reaching the top five or even number one in the week of their release.

Behind the mic with Philip Dickman

Sweden recently joined the video podcast game Behind the mic with Philip Dickman, An interview series where the comedian Philip Dickman Leads the audience behind the mic with Swedish artists. The podcast premiered on September 1, with Philip interviewed Myra Granberg, A36, B.Baby, Mona Masur, Lamix, And Peg Parnevic. With Philip’s trademark humor and compelling nature of the format, it’s no surprise that the show has thousands of listeners.

Ready to see, hear and learn? Stream all Spotify video podcasts directly from the Spotify mobile app, or go to Anchor Blog To find out how you can start creating your own video podcast.

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