You can get the FAMOUS candy canes at Disneyland right now … but it’s not easy!

The Disneyland holidays are here!

Disney California Adventure

We ate all sorts of snacks at the Holiday Festival, shared details about the “it’s a small world” holiday edition, and even attended their new events outside of the festive schedule of Merriest Nites. But today we were able to experience a well-known tradition at Disneyland: the iconic (and giant) handmade candy canes!

Candy canes have been available on select days at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park for the past few weeks. Today we had the opportunity to grab one at Roll out candy en Disney California Adventure Park. As we looked out the windows, we could see the talented cast members working on them.

Here they are!

You may be thinking, “What’s so special about a candy cane?” Well, at Disneyland, these candy canes are VERY special! These are not your usual in-store treats. These are unique and tasty delicacies handmade by cast members during the holiday season.

These are very special delicacies

From mixing these ingredients to throwing by hand …

Candy Cane in progress

… Roll and spin the sweets: They are really something special.

Working hard doing these magical delights

And they are HUGE. Candy canes are measured around 18 inches long.

These are GREAT!

The handmade candy canes have been on tradition at Disneyland since 1968! But getting one is not so easy.

Do you want one?

For starters, candy canes are only available in certain places on certain days. Here’s a look at the remaining days available for one of these:

They were also available the previous days, but these are the remaining available dates.

Creating tasty treats

Even if you’re in the right parks on these dates, you can’t just buy a candy cane. Even to get a chance to buy one of these beauties, you’ll need to get on your mobile phone waiting list. We arrived at Disney California Adventure Park very early (around 7:15 PST). They let us in around 7:30.

There was a 10 minute queue at the time of the guests trying to get on the mobile waiting list for Trolley Treats to get their candy canes. The QR code to scan to enter the list was covered. When it was your turn to queue, the cast member discovered the code so you could scan it and enter the mobile waiting list. This QR code led us to a website where we posted information about our group size, our name, and our phone number.

Mobile waiting list

However, just getting on the waiting list doesn’t guarantee you a chance to get a candy cane. You will need to see if you receive a return text informing you that you can log in and make a purchase. About 30 minutes after joining the waiting list, we received our return message informing us that we had 30 minutes to return to Trolley Treats and grab our candy cane … so off we went!

Please note that there is a limit of 1 candy cane per guest, while supplies last.

It’s time!

We were able to visit Trolley Treats on our way back and pick up a candy cane. Hello Beautiful!


Holding one of these sweets in our hands, close to the rest of the Christmas decorations, we will put ourselves in the holiday mood!

So big!

If you want to get one of these, make sure you arrive early! Please note that you will need a valid ticket and a park reservation to enter the park and purchase one. They have a price $ 19.99.

Want a Candy Cane Walt? What’s wrong with you Mickey?

We’ll keep you posted on the latest Disneyland news and find out what we find.

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Have you ever gotten a Disneyland candy cane? Tell us in the comments!

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