People HATE when you do this at Walt Disney World

Disney World can be a super fun holiday, but there are some parts that are not so much fun.

Magical Kingdom

It’s important to keep in mind that you’re around a lot of people trying to make a good trip. Some actions can be annoying for others. Here are some things that all Disney guests should avoid!

People HATE when you do this at Disney World:

Take Flash photos on Dark Rides

The experience of a dark journey requires being in the dark, so much so is in the name! It’s a real shame when someone takes a photo with a flash and ruins the carefully designed lighting and effects.

Peter Pan’s flight

Cut online

A lot of Disney World vacations are waiting in line and that can be crap, but everyone has to do it. It can be super annoying when you see guests queuing up in front of you!

Get ready to queue!

Ignore personal space

Sure, Disney World is packed, but you should still try to make room for the people around you. This is especially true with the global health crisis. Lots of people are much more comfortable with a little more space!


Break the rules

Disney World is a fun place, but it has some rules. Remember that the rules are there for a reason! Do not enter restricted items, such as selfie sticks, and do not forget to follow the instructions of the cast members.

Pool rules

Ignore your children

It can be very annoying when someone else’s child keeps touching you or ignoring the rules. Be sure to keep an eye on your little ones to make sure they don’t mess with other guests!

Mickey shirt for 50th birthday kids

Be rude to cast members

Perhaps one of the worst things a Disney guest can do is be rude to cast members. The cast members are fantastic and tend to do a lot of magic, so it can be very unpleasant to see these loved ones at the receiving end of rude behavior.


Blocks the view

We know it, we know it. You really want your child to be able to see the fireworks. But the five-foot-tall family behind it may have marked its place for hours. Take your child by the shoulders, lower your cell phone, and make sure you don’t block the view of those behind you.

Magical Kingdom

Quote the attractions aloud

Yes, we love dating at Haunted Mansion, but quoting them out loud can wrap up the experience of those around you who may be experiencing the attraction for the first time!

© Disney

Damage magic

Regardless of whether you think so really Mickey Mouse o really Bell, try not to declare your disbelief out loud to those around you. There are also many children and adults who are experiencing this magic, and you may be ruining it.


Block the path

Disney World has plenty of space to walk around, but if you grab a seat or are with the whole family, you could be in the way of other people!

That’s a LOT!


Disney World is non-smoking, but people still carry cigarettes and pens. Do not do that! It goes against the rules and can be very annoying (not to mention a possible threat to the health of other guests).

No more smoking areas at Disney parks!

Exceed your limits

Drinking around the world at EPCOT can be fun, and we love spending an afternoon at the Nomad Lounge, but be careful not to drink too much. These are family theme parks and you don’t want to ruin another group’s vacation too much.


Fight and curse

Similar to some of the above articles, Disney World is a happy place for many. Sure, tensions can increase, but try to refrain from fighting out loud and cursing when you’re out and about.

Magical Kingdom

What’s bothering you at Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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