The Disney Twisted-Wonderland mobile game is coming to iOS / Android

Christmas is coming soon for Disney villains fans, as anime producer and locator Aniplex of America announced this week that the narrative adventure role-playing game Disney Twisted-Wonderland will be available in English and will be released on iOS / Android on January 20, 2022.

ILLUSTRATION: YANA TOBOSO © Disney. Published by Aniplex

With a story and character design by Yana Toboso (with the support of SQUARE ENIX), creator of the long run Black butler series, the game has been running in Japan since March 2020. Players face a character who has been transported to Night Raven College, a magician’s academy, where they meet a variety of students from different schools inspired by some more familiar Disney. villain.

Game synopsis, by Aniplex:

Maybe there are more things in “bad” than it seems …
Summoned by a magic mirror in Twisted Wonderland, a world completely different from yours, you arrive at Night Raven College, a prestigious arcane academy.
With nowhere else to go, you accept the hospitality of the masked head and start looking for a way home.
You quickly find that the students at this school are as talented as they are dysfunctional: fights and competition are the perpetual order of the day.
And what secrets lie inside the bad hearts of these students?

Yusuke Toyama, producer of Aniplex, Inc .: “As we welcome US and Canadian players to the world of Twisted Wonderland With the release of the English version of the mobile game, we are truly honored to receive the direction of this new adventure, joining the beloved and imaginative stories that Disney has cultivated for so long. We’re excited to expand our audience to new Disney fans and back as we create a totally original story, inspired by some of Disney’s most iconic villains. ”

A pre-registration campaign is currently underway at https://disneytwistedwonderland.com where you can learn more about the game, characters, and voice sharing.

“Continuing with our first fan approach to show timeless stories in an unprecedented way, this unique game shows how stories from anywhere in the world can resonate with fans everywhere,” says Luigi Priore, vice president of Disney and Pixar Games. “We hope players are as excited as we are to experience this incredibly distinctive anime universe.”

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