7 Unexpected Things That Can Ruin Your Disney World Trip

Although it is the most magical place on Earth, Disney World is proof that not even magic can deter an unexpected disasterr. Or, you know, at least a snafu!


Regardless of the perfection of Disney World, things can still go very wrong on a trip here, and if you’re unprepared, or you get caught unawares without any security plan. there are certain things that can virtually ruin your vacation!

When it comes to planning a trip to Disney World, there are many obvious factors that contribute to ensuring a successful trip– saving a lot of money, booking the desired room, pasting Park Pass reservations, etc. But beyond that, there are some more unexpected elements that are just as important!

Cosmic Ray’s Mobile Order Wait

Don’t be dramatic or anything, but here are 7 unexpected things that can completely ruin your trip to Disney World!

Forgetting the phone charger

For better or worse, smartphones have basically become a crucial necessity in Disney World. Between booking dining reservations, joining virtual queues, placing mobile orders, and using Disney Genie, you would be completely lost without any!

Disney geniuses!

So, bottom line is that if you forget your phone charger, you are practically doomed. We don’t mean to forget it completely and leave it at home (what would you be thinking about ?!), but it’s becoming more and more important to bring a backup to the parks, because you will use your phone a LOT, and the battery runs out quickly!

Neglect to make dining reservations

Speaking of dining reservations, whether you make them from your phone or computer, it is vital that you do them as far in advance as possible (currently 60 days). So you don’t end up eating anything but Mickey-shaped snacks during the trip!

The Hollywood Brown Derby is a good ticket

Everyone has popular restaurants they love that they want to prioritize and reservations fill up quickly! So he doesn’t want to wait until the last minute, just to have a broken heart you can’t get into The Hollywood Brown Derby or Tiffins!

Snafus mobile order

As Disney World focuses more and more on mobile orders for restaurants, it’s getting more and more disastrous when things go wrong.

Mobile order

Sometimes, these are problems that are out of your control, such as when the mobile order drops randomly. Other times it is to place the order at the wrong time and wait in a longer queue than Flight of Passage. Either way, it’s not fun at all.

Technical difficulties at the entrances

Another factor that is out of your control is entrance stations to the various Disney World parks. Most of the time, they work smoothly and efficiently. Other times? Not so much.

Entry into the animal kingdom

As we have seen in the past, technical difficulties sometimes arise at the entry stations, resulting in a wild backup of guests trying to enter. And there’s really nothing more frustrating than waiting in a crowded line before you even get into the park!

Disney transportation issues

As magical as it is, Disney World can’t control time. So, Disney transportation sometimes suffers problems on its own which can totally derail your day.


Weather-related issues are common with the Skyliner crashing (and sometimes leaving guests trapped in the air for extended periods of time), while even the Monorail sometimes crashes. You don’t realize how bad it is to trust these things until they get rid of you!

Your favorite trip below

Imagine this: you’ve been saving for months, planning your Disney World vacation, flying around the country, booking your Park Pass reservation, and heading to the park for your favorite trip. only to find it closed due to technical problems or closed due to refurbishment. Day = ruined.


Of course, this is completely out of your control. but it is also unexpected (in the event of breakdowns) and heartbreaking – and totally capable of ruining your trip to Disney World if you let it. You’ll have to cross your fingers when it comes to unexpected breakdowns, but you can Stay up-to-date on reforms right here at AllEars!

More weather problems

It would be negligent not to mention the weather again, because in central Florida, time is … one thing.

It’s a little rainy now

Between the intense heat and humidity, the scorching sun that makes you feel like you’re cooking, and the strong storms that turn Magic Kingdom into Typhoon Lagoon, it is important to pack excessively and come as prepared as possible for all kinds of extreme weather – Raincoats, sunscreen and water bottles come to mind!

It is not ideal

Although some things are out of your control and luckily there are some other things you can do to prepare in advance to make your Disney World trip as seamless as possible!

What to do when EVERYTHING goes wrong at Disney World

What’s the worst disaster you’ve ever had at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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