20 Ways You Need to Pack a Different Way for Disney World in 2022

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Whether you’re thinking of a trip to Disney World in 2022 or you’ve already booked your trip, there are a few ways to pack your bags in a different way than you’ve done in the past!

Main Street, USA

If you haven’t been to Disney World since the close of 2020, there are some important changes to keep in mind when creating your packing list. Although you’ve visited it more recently, there are a few new changes that will affect the way you pack! Here are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your next Disney World vacation.

Park accessories

To have a successful, stress-free day at Disney World, you’ll need to pack a few extra accessories in your bag. If you’ve come this far without the need for extra phone chargers and laptop batteries, this may be the trip you finally need to take with you. Between Disney Genie and Genie +, Mobile Order, and all the other tricky ways My Disney Experience helps you during the day, you’re likely to be on your phone MUCH more than in the past. We found this pack of two phone chargers on Amazon for $ 21.99.

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Packing two portable chargers on your trip will help keep your phone’s batteries fully charged so you can use all the latest services!

Click here to buy the set of two phone chargers.

There is this fast charging portable power bank also if you are looking for more options!

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Retail on Amazon by $ 26.95.

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You can’t charge your phone only with the laptop battery; you will also need cable wires! We find this four-wire package for iPhone on Amazon to share with your friends and family.

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This pack of four is available for $ 12.99.

Click here to purchase phone charging cables.

Another park accessory you may need to add to your bag in 2022 is a handheld fan! With more entertainment and parades coming back in 2022 like the Festival of Fantasy, you’ll probably spend more time standing claiming the perfect spot along the parade route, waiting for the show to begin!

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We find this hand fan on Amazon for $ 12.73. It also comes in a lot of different color options!

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Travel organizers

The way you pack your bags for your trips to Disney World may change in 2022 due to the fact that Disney’s Magical Express will no longer be in service, which means you’ll have to pick up your bags at your luggage collection Orlando Airport! If this is the first time you’ve done this, you may want to upgrade to a new, adorable suitcase 19 Mick Mickey Mouse Suitcase we have seen in ShopDisney!

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The suitcase is currently available for $ 49.99.

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Another option to consider is to add new luggage tags to the suitcase; that way, they may be easier to spot when they arrive at Orlando airport. We found two custom leather luggage tags on shopDisney, included Mickey Mouse

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I Minnie Mouse!

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These two luggage tags are sold at retail $ 16.95.

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As you will be picking up your luggage at your luggage collection, you may want to rearrange your way of packing. Packing cubes are a great way to do that, and we found it this set of 6 packing cubes on Amazon for $ 22.99.

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You may find that you can pack more of your belongings in the bins, making luggage claiming a much easier process!

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Safety and health are essential

Health and safety guidelines will still be in place at Disney World in 2022, and you may want to consider all the precautions for your next vacation. Facial masks are currently required at all Disney World property indoor locations for all guests two years of age or older, regardless of vaccination status. If this is your first visit since closing in 2020, this will definitely change the way you pack your bags! You can buy these disposable masks on Amazon:

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They are available in packs of 100 per $ 14.99.

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If you prefer reusable face masks, consider some with fun Disney patterns! This pack of 4 includes Mickey Mouse designs at the Disney Store.

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You can buy the set of 4 face masks $ 19.99.

Click here to buy reusable face masks.

Whether you’re wearing disposable or reusable masks, adding a string of masks can be a big help in your journey! Because masks are necessary on the inside but optional on the outside, you may need to wear and remove your mask frequently throughout the day.

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Mask chains are a convenient accessory to take with you! We found these adjustable face mask chains on Amazon for $ 4.29.

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Hand sanitizer is also a great accessory to take with you! We found this hand sanitizer from the store brand on Target for only $ 0.79!

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It has 2 fluid ounces, which makes it perfect to take on the plane!

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Hand towels can also be useful if you want to clean any surface, including tables or seating areas, while traveling through parks and resorts.

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We find this set of wipes to Target for $ 1.99.

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Essential hotel rooms

Your hotel room experience may look a little different in 2022! Mouse maintenance doesn’t happen as often as before, which means you may be looking for your own basics more often every day! In case you run out of shampoo and conditioner for your hotel room, we may recommend that you bring your own travel kit, such as this one. H2O travel kit essentials!

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The kit includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion, all for $ 24.99 at the Disney Store.

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If you need extra towels, consider packing your own! We find these bath towels in Target that come in a variety of colors.

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These bath towels are only available $ 2.75 each.

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Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

If you plan to spend part of your trip aboard the new Star Wars Hotel: Galactic Starcrusier, you’re sure to pack a little differently in 2022! Perhaps the most important change we know so far is that guests are encouraged to dress up and play their own role in the Star Wars universe, which means it’s time to stock up on these costumes. of Star Wars! If your children are very interested The Mandalorian, we find the perfect dress to take them on their immersive two-night experience! The costume is available at shopDisney for $ 49.99.

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The costume is also available at an adaptive version for children with special needs per $ 49.99.

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If your child wants to dress up as Rey, we’ve found it a costume for them!

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Rey’s children’s costume is available on Target by $ 32.39.

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Both children and adults are encouraged to take on their unique roles in the Star Wars universe when they stay aboard the Galactic Starcruiser! You may want to channel your inner Luke Skywalker. In this case, we have a costume for you!

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Luke’s adult costume is available on Target by $ 84.78.

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Last but not least, we also found one adult King costume you may want to try your Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser journey!

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Rey’s adult costume is also available on Target by $ 49.40.

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Here’s a summary of the ways in which you may need to pack differently for Disney World in 2022! There are some proven and true packing tips that will always come in handy for a Disney vacation we’ve studied over the years, so be sure to read more about our packing tips before your next vacation!

Click here to read the important dates of 2022 if you are thinking of visiting Disney World!

Disney World Planning Tips

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