Get ready for a festive run with this Disney DIY

Happy sweater time season, everyone!

Sweater Figment

One way to keep warm this winter is to go for a run, maybe even a to runone from Disney. We always get fresh DIYs from to runwith Disney this Jack-o-Lantern template, these Star Wars animation cards, And this Winter soldier’s sleeve, and they just gave us another one just in time for Christmas run!

We will show you how to make yours Running jersey inspired by holiday sweaters! We want to make sure you’re looking your best in your races, so keep reading to see this. Fun and festive DIY.

© runDisney

Here’s what you need!


  • runDisney sweater art, which you can find here, or sweater art of your own design!
  • Craft cutter
  • 12 “x12” cutting mat.
  • Ironing board vinyl in the color you choose
  • Sports shirt / running of the color you choose
  • Iron and ironing board
© runDisney

Here’s how to do it!


  1. Save the runDisney jersey art file or your own art.
  2. Cut the vinyl to the size of your shirt.
  3. Place your vinyl on the sticky cut rug with the glossy side down.
  4. Run the cutter with your design.
  5. Using a tool to remove weeds, remove excess vinyl.
  6. Place the vinyl sheet on the front of the T-shirt, making sure to center it.
  7. Cover the vinyl with a towel or other cloth and iron it on the vinyl sheet for 30-45 seconds.
  8. Remove the vinyl backing, checking that it has adhered.
  9. Enjoy your new festive running t-shirt!
© runDisney

And so you do! Now you can go out on the streets, trails, etc. with a festive fit. Thanks to runDisney for this DIY! We’re always on the lookout for all the latest Disney events, so stay tuned to AllEars for more information!

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Will you be wearing this holiday sweater inspired by a holiday sweater? Let us know in the comments!

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