The 10 biggest arguments among Disney fans

While we all share a common love for Disney parks and resorts, there are many fan opinions that are much more controversial.

Cinderella Castle

From which walk should be replaced in the parks to whether you should go left or right for the World Showcase, there’s a lot to discuss when gathering a group of Disney fans.

Hoping you can avoid some awkward discussions around the dinner table, we’re taking a look at the main arguments among Disney fans!

Did Disney really improve these attractions?

Since Magic Kingdom opened 50 years ago, a lot has changed at Disney World. Many attractions are nothing like the first day guests entered the parks, and there are some attractions that fans are debating to this day.

Test track

For example, in 2014, Disney closed the beloved EPCOT Maelstrom attraction (located in the Norwegian pavilion) to make way for a new journey: Frozen Ever After. The announcement of the replacement was received with immediate shouts from fans who considered that Disney was closing a “classic World Showcase attraction” for an “out of place” IP-based attraction. And fans are still divided on whether Frozen Ever After was really worth the Maelstrom’s demise.

Frozen Ever After

Another eye-catching attraction for its recent review is Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Chinese Theater has been home to The Great Movie Ride since the park’s opening day, but Mickey and his friends took over the building in 2017. Many fans have been upset by this change. criticizing Disney for diverting focus from the park. its original Hollywood theme.

Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railroad

More controversial changes are still taking place for Disney World attractions. Most recently, Disney updated the story of Jungle Cruise to the Magic Kingdom (adding new characters and scenes) and announced that Splash Mountain will finally return to the theme. The princess and the frog. And while some Disney attendees are fans of change, others are against it.

Was Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railroad worth the disappearance of the big movie at Disney World?

“It’s a small world” is a good trip?

Aside from the arguments about whether Disney has really improved the attractions over time with its changes, some fans are simply debating whether the existing attractions are “good.” And if you’ve ever wanted to get a firm opinion of your Disney-loving relative, ask them about “it’s a small world.”

Do you have the song in your head?

This is an attraction that people love or hate; there is very little in between. Fans of the trip will probably refer to its deep roots in Disney history (since it was one of the attractions that Walt worked on himself), while those who prefer to skip the attraction tend to complain. if this song seems to stick in your head, no. no matter how hard you try to get it out.

Are the new Disney World fireworks shows worth the disappearance of the old one?

Recent discussions among Disney fans have centered around the two new fireworks shows that debuted on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. For the celebration, Magic Kingdom Happily Ever After’s old fireworks show was replaced by Disney Enchantment, and at EPCOT, Harmonious finally debuted as a replacement for the old show, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.

Disney Enchantment Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom

The two nightly fireworks shows are completely different from the previous shows, introducing new technologies, music and more. But while some people applaud Disney for its innovation, others want the original shows to stay.

The BEST places to see the new EPCOT fireworks show: Harmonious!

Turkey Legs: Iconic Snack or the Worst Things Ever Made at Disney World?

Anything else Disney fans have an opinion on? FOOD! There’s no question that Disney World is home to some delicious snacks, but what we seem to disagree with is the Turkey Leg. Either they are a snack that people absolutely refuse to do without when they go to the parks or a snack that people avoid like the plague.

Turkey bed from the Plaça de la Llibertat market

Its fans love it because it is distributed in generous portions, is full of sodium and is portable. While his haters touch him for his amazing size, epic calorie count and who knows what else is inside.

The most underrated snack of all the Walt Disney World parks

Best (and worst) CEO of Disney Company

Disney fans can be quite passionate about who is in charge of the company, and you’ll find a lot of answers if you ask a group who is the best and worst CEO of the Disney Company of all time.

Bob Iger and Bob Chapek © Disney

The CEO has the power to make a lot of changes both in the parks and beyond, so it should come as no surprise that fans have opinions about the CEO based on the changes they implement during their tenure.

Which CEO has made the biggest changes at Disney World?

Do Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Pandora – The World of Avatar belong to Disney World?

We’ve already covered some of the controversial changes Disney has made to attractions over the years, but something that may be the same month Polarization is the introduction of brand new LANDS to two Disney World parks: Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

In Animal Kingdom, Pandora: The World of Avatar opened in 2017 with the hit 2009 film. Avatar in life. And while many fans seem to love bringing Flight of Passage to the park, it may certainly seem like a pretty random addition to the park considering it wasn’t a Disney movie (and now it’s only considered one because of the acquisition of Fox by Disney). ).

Pandora: World of Avatar

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the incorporation of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge marked a major turning point for the park. Toy Story Land had already made its debut, but this new land completely transformed the park into something unrecognizable from its origins. All OG Hollywood Studios fans (or MGM Studios fans) miss the days when entering the park seemed to enter the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Pandora vs. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: What Land Comes to the Top?

Is Disney’s Animal Kingdom a half-day park?

Some people insist that there is simply not enough to do at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to turn it into a full day park, while others insist that these people just don’t take advantage of everything the park has to offer. After all, the park has several attractions, nature walking trails, shows, activities and more to check out!

Disney’s animal kingdom

For the record, we’ve spent the whole day at the park before and had a great time, but we can also understand why some fans may prefer to split the day with another park.

Stop skipping the best part of Disney’s animal kingdom

If you are staying at a Disney World Resort hotel or staying out of place

One of the first decisions you make when planning a trip to Disney World is where you will stay and look for two options: on-site or off-site. Depending on who you talk to, you will make the right decision or the wrong one. But there are fantastic cases for both parties!

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Staying in a Disney World hotel immerses you in Disney from start to finish Staying out of place is often cheaper, and many hotels offer the same or comparable benefits you might find when staying at a Disney hotel.

On-site and off-site: Which hotels offer the most Disney World benefits?

Is Disney World Just for Kids?

Walt Disney decided to build Disneyland because he wanted to create a clean place for families to visit together and create memories, and he has certainly lived up to it over the years! But it’s not just families who enjoy visiting the parks, though it’s debated whether those who don’t have children really do it should head to Disney.

Disney Photographer PhotoPass

It’s important to keep in mind that visiting Disney World with children is a completely different experience compared to visiting them without children. And there is no right or wrong answer here because both are fun!

Why you should go to Disney World without your kids

What’s better: Disney World vs. Disneyland

Finally, perhaps the longest argument among Disney fans is which park (or complex) is superior: Disney World or Disneyland? This debate dates back to 1971, when Magic Kingdom first opened in Florida ippeople have a firm opinion on which resource they prefer.

Magical Kingdom

But Disney World is VERY different from Disneyland, so comparing the two can be difficult. We love them both for what they are.

AllEars TV: Disneyland vs. Disney World Throwdown!

Another hot topic to avoid with Disney fans? Disney World vs. Universal Orlando Resort! People are divided on which parks have the best ones, and the AllEars team is taking on the subject in the video below!

Check out the big controversies in Disney history

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