VIDEO: These are the Disney holiday cookies you need on your table

The holiday season is here (and it’s happening fast!).

Christmas is almost here!

We ate lots of holiday snacks, shared a glimpse of the fantastic holiday merchandise you can buy online, and even enjoyed the classic Christmas parade at Magic Kingdom during the day. But what if you’re looking to make a special holiday gift at home? Well, if you have a strong and talented hand, you might be able to make these Disney EPIC shortbread cookies!

Recently, Disney shared a video showing a very talented person decorating some amazing things Winnie the Pooh’s festive-themed shortbread cookies. And let’s just say that if we were Santa, we probably wouldn’t be able to eat these beauties, they’re too cool!

© Disney

You will need some gingerbread dough first.

© Disney

Then it’s time to cut back on your shapes. We couldn’t find these exact cookie cutters on Amazon, but you can get some that have shapes that look like Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger heads.

© Disney

Then it’s time to decorate!

© Disney

Part of this design work is SO complicated! We are talking about small lines and designs.

© Disney

But the effect of these details does not go unnoticed.

© Disney

The finished product is an incredibly epic set of cookies. Can you imagine having them on your holiday table for kids and adults? Surely they would be very successful!

© Disney

Watch the full video below to see more about how these cookies were decorated!

Now THESE are some great Christmas cookies. We look forward to more Disney news and fun stories, and we’ll share them all with you. Please check back for more updates.

What cookies do you like to make (or just eat) during the holidays? Tell us in the comments!

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