Review: Let’s go back to Disney World’s Steakhouse 71 to try some secret menus!

We still visited one of the newest Disney World restaurants!

Grill 71

Grill 71 open in Disney World’s 50th Anniversary earlier this year and surprised us with a sleek new look at what was once The Wave … of American Flavors Restaurant. The place was really reinvented amazing food. However, we had a particular goal with our recent stop, see how some options off the menu hold on!


We moved on to Steakhouse 71 already several times, and we loved the retro theme every time.

Grill 71

As we mentioned, this new restaurant is located at recently renovated space which used to host The Wave … of Contemporary Flavors.

Grill 71

Now, it has some wonderful touches like photos by Walt Disney and Imagineers

Grill 71

…and one Fantastic bar. The backlit quartz bar gives this modern living room a neat shine and definitely gives it some interesting highlights.

Steakhouse 71 Bar

The seats are all inside a large dining room and the bar area acts as access room.

Grill 71

You will find standard tables and chairs …

Inside the Steakhouse 71

… Booths and bar seats as seating options.

The redone banquets.

At your table, you will find one cloth napkin with utensils ia QR code menu.

Table settings

But enough with the atmosphere, let’s talk about the food! We had lunch here for breakfast, lunch, dinner and spent some time in the lounge. We’ve tried almost everything Steakhouse 71 has to offer, and now we’re back to exploring some of the most unique deals.

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This time, we stopped for lunch to try some off-menu options! Did you know that some dinner menu options are available when you dine at lunch? This is only on request and is not necessarily guaranteed, but if anything on your dinner menu catches your eye, we encourage you to ask! Either way, here’s the officer lunch menu

© Disney

…while dinner menu at Steakhouse 71 it has a great steak focus. As you can see, the 6 oz Filet Mignon appears as a Steakhouse Cut on the dinner menu, but does not appear at all on the lunch menu.

© Disney

However, we requested it from our server and were able to get it 6 oz Cute Fillet at lunch for the usual dinner price of $ 36.

6 oz Cute Fillet

This option comes with a choice of a side and a sauce. As a side note, not all sides and dinner sauces were available at lunchtime. For example, the potato au gratin and red wine sauce were not available during our visit.

6 oz Cute Fillet

We chose him Steakhouse 71 Signature Sauce which is like a quick A1 sauce. We wish we had the DELICIOUS red wine sauce, but that was actually our ONLY complaint about this dish (so, you know, it’s not really a complaint!).

6 oz Cute Fillet

Our steak was perfectly medium-rare, as requested, and had a nice char on the outside. He the condiments gave the steak a tasty crust which improved the meat without mastering it. Overall, the cut was PHENOMENAL – especially if you consider the reasonable cost!

6 oz Cute Fillet

As a band, we chose the Macaroni and cheese which is now the lounge version it includes Smoked bacon and Jalapeño with apple.

Macaroni and cheese

Abundant and battered cavatappi pasta, topped with rich cream cheese, smeared with small pieces of smoked, salted bacon, spicy jalapeños and topped with toasted bread crumbs and butter. It’s SO tasty. If you are a fan of mac & cheese, you will be satisfied with this version.

Macaroni and cheese

Then we decided to do a little experiment. We tried the Steakhouse 71 Stack Burger already and they were TOTALLY ENCHANTED. This time, however, we ordered the Steakhouse 71 Impossible Stack Burger, an off-menu option for plant consumers. To make sure we could get the best idea of ​​how the vegan option compares, we also grabbed the standard Stack Burger.

Steakhouse 71 Stack Burgers

Each option is $ 20. The Steakhouse 71 Stack Burger is a Beef author combination with American cheese, lemon aioli, red onion and homemade pickles on a brioche bread. The Impossible Stack Burger is similar with all the same ingredients except American cheese Vegan cheese instead (and meat is obviously not real meat!).

Steakhouse 71 Stack Burgers

On the one hand, you can opt for the Small wedge salad, parmesan fries or pasta salad. It came with our Impossible Stack Burger Vegan french fries. Keep in mind that you can choose to eat the usual cheese and parmesan fries if you are a vegetarian and not a vegan.

Vegan french fries

As a reference, we consider Stack Burger to be one of the best burgers on the property. It is INSANELY good and has been perfect every time we tried it. So we were very curious to see if plant eaters can grab food of similar quality.

Steakhouse 71 Stack Burger

It was clear that a meat eater would prefer the standard Stack Burger to the Impossible, but the Steakhouse 71 Impossible Stack Burger is still a BIG vegan burger. The big warning here is that you like Impossible meat.

Steakhouse 71 Impossible Stack Burger

There was not a lot of vegan cheese in our burger, so we could order more next time, considering that the SEA melted cheese is a big draw of the original burger!). The taste of the cheese was also relatively mild. Still, paired with pickles, onions and gravy; this burger is still a winner.

Steakhouse 71 Impossible Stack Burger

If you don’t like Impossible meat, the ingredients are not enough to mask the textures and flavors.. BUT, this burger is still a great recommendation for a vegan or vegetarian who likes Impossible meat.

Steakhouse 71 Impossible Stack Burger

So, are we still impressed with Steakhouse 71? Is it worth eating at Steakhouse 71 for a trip to the Contemporary Resort?

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Nosh or not?

Grab your lunch at Steakhouse 71 and …

  • You want high quality dishes at no cost – We explored some unusual lunch options, from a vegan burger to a quality steak for dinner, and enjoyed these options as much as the standard menu options.
  • You are looking for a quieter lunch away from the parks – Although it has a large common dining room, which could lend itself to some noise and echoes, it still has a sophisticated twist and a calmer energy than many restaurants in the theme park.
  • You’re looking for something different from the theme park’s “standard” food – The options here are abundant American classics. So while the menu won’t challenge your palette, it will offer you a more exclusive variety than your theme park’s chicken nuggets and pizza.

Grab your lunch somewhere else if …

  • You are dining on a limited budget – While lunch at Steakhouse 71 is not as expensive as other options on the property, it is not cheap either. Paying $ 20 for a meatless burger can be a bit on your budget.
  • You are looking for something fast – This is a table service option, so this is the place to sit and catch your breath, not a place to dine and run to your next attraction.
  • You want to eat super unique – As mentioned, this is a place for abundant American classics. If you are looking for a unique culinary adventure, you may want to head to EPCOT’s World Showcase, Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge or Tiffins at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


So our recent lunch adventure at Steakhouse 71 was as memorable as our first? Yes! We’re still impressed with Steakhouse 71! The food has been phenomenal with each visit and the flexibility of being able to order lunch menu options at noon (and vice versa) makes it a versatile and enjoyable experience. We especially like to note that there is also a solid plant-based option.

As a note for herbal guests, the Steakhouse 71 Impossible Stack Burger is NOT your only choice. You can also take the “Wellington” vegetable at lunch. We reviewed this option during our first visit and were delighted, yes, even those who eat meat!

Overall, we still look forward to going back to Steakhouse 71. We had high hopes for this little place and were pleasantly surprised when it lived up to expectations. As always, stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney World food reviews and more.

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