What does your favorite Disney World restaurant say about you?

Most Walt Disney World restaurants are magical and immersive in their own way. but not all Disney World restaurants are necessarily perfect for everyone.

Mickey Mouse

Depending on your desires and personality type, Disney restaurants tend to click more with certain people.

And we think we can tell you a lot about you according to your Disney restaurant preferences!

Like all Disney fans, every Disney World restaurant is completely different and unique! Whether you prefer something more casual and fun or something more elegant and exaggerated, Here’s what your favorite Disney World restaurant says about you:

California Grill

If you have an eternal love for it Classic American restaurant on top of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, then we can practically confirm that you are an old and a traditional classicist.

California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

This is true in a general sense, but also specifically with your food choices. You have a refined palate, the love of good wine and the willingness to spend disposable income on a good meal.

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Pattern dining room

Are you a super fan of Skipper Canteen? Then there’s a good chance you’ll be known for your dad’s jokes, and you’ll love it.. You’re also likely to be adorable and probably be the lifeblood of any party.

Pattern dining room

You are also not afraid to try something new. Live for a fun adventure, both in terms of food and literal adventure in the jungle.

Be our guest

Not surprisingly, if Be Our Guest is your favorite Disney World restaurant, then you are a princess of heart and you are not afraid of who knows. High quality haute cuisine is less important to you than eating gray ice cream in a literal castle.

Be our guest

Overall, you love a good romance and you are a fan of fairy tales and magical happy endings. To put it bluntly, Beauty and the Beast is your favorite movie.

Space 220

Ready to throw hundreds of miles into space to eat? You’re definitely daring, pretty fearless, and like to explore the unknown.

Space 220

A lover of all things science fiction, you are constantly looking for what is new, strange and wild. When it comes to food, that means you’re not shy about eating and drinking things that have unnatural colors or ingredients like “Moon Dust” and whatever “B’lure.”

Rose and crown

If the cozy confines of this rustic EPCOT pub are your ultimate happy place, then it is clear that you would secretly wish to be British and maybe sometimes you speak with a British accent under your breath, you know, just for fun.

Rose and crown

They’re from all over the UK, your ideal comfortable food is fish and chips, you don’t mind a gloomy day and even though you’re obviously a Disney fan, you are obsessed with Harry Potter

The Hollywood Brown Derby

Always the queen of glamor, anyone who prefers The Hollywood Brown Derby is someone who lives for vintage (and decadent) Americans. the old school of Hollywood.

The Hollywood Brown Derby

You love to dress up for a good meal, and pretend you’re walking down a red carpet on your way to your table. Classic American items, such as Cobb salads and Manhattan salads, are your love language.

Woody’s lunch box

Woody’s Lunch Box is your favorite restaurant in Disney World?

Woody’s lunch box

That says a lot about you. That is, your palate stopped developing around the age of seven and you’re fine. In addition, we love and support you.


When you dine at Disney World, you can follow the route of Mickey Waffles and Churros and Dole Whip, or you can eat short ribs made with tofu and tamarind with North African spices in a place like Tiffins.

Tiffins Restaurant

If you fall into the latter category, you are likely to be a cultured and traveling sage. You’re a kitchen lover who never asks for the same thing twice. You always want to try something new and post it on Instagram. Plus, you’re the type who likes to share menu items (i.e., take bites from other people’s dishes), instead of staying with your own starter.

Cantina Satu’li

Elsewhere in Animal Kingdom, there is a small colorful spot called Satu’li Canteen. If this is your must-have Disney World restaurant, then you’re the kind of person who likes to personalize food and combine it.

Cantina Satu’li

You like to keep things informal and quirky, both in terms of your food, your style, and your lifestyle in general. In your mind stupid goes with everything.

back home

As a Homecomin fan, Obviously you are a loved one from the south whom everyone loves. You are the life of the party and the kind of person who embraces everyone, even if they are only meeting for the first time.

back home

Always the adorable angel, you are a consummate person that people like, always making sure that everyone around you is happy and comfortable. Especially when it comes to pleasing people with comforting food.

Chef Mickey’s

Clearly, good food is not a priority for you. In fact, you don’t really care what’s on your plate. Here’s Chef Mickey’s, this is Disney’s whim.

Minnie Mouse

In fact, you are the biggest super fan of Disney. Choose your restaurants based on your proximity to Mickey and Minnie. What’s on the menu, or cost, is a later idea.


Always the eccentric eccentric, if you love The Edison the most, we can guess you’re the guy with a flair for the dramatic. Your main interests include theater, flashy clothing, entertainment, and pure decadence.


You’re against anything “classic” or “traditional”. Although familiar, like bacon, you need it all in one go. You need bacon served in a mini dryer.

Toledo: tapas, steaks and seafood

Basically the anti-Chef Mickey’s, if you prefer tapas, seafood and steak, then you clearly feel the opposite. A lover of good food and wine, the quality of the cuisine and the elegance of the atmosphere are of the utmost importance to you.

Golden Tilefish> Mickey Waffle

Sure, you’re on Disney World on purpose (presumably), but to be honest, you’re not big on whimsy, nostalgia or Disney in general.

Well here you have it! Our scientifically proven and 100% accurate personality test * from Disney World restaurants! If you see a lot of yourself in these descriptions, it’s probably just because they’re made.

Which Disney World Resort is best for your personality?

What do you think your favorite Disney World restaurant says about you? Let us know in the comments!

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* Neither scientifically proven nor necessarily 100% accurate. Just fun.

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