What is happening now with the Disneyland expansion project?

Earlier this year, Disneyland surprised us all by announcing a project known as DisneylandForward. This ad may have left us with more questions than answers, and there has been nothing new since then!

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Today we thought about signing up for all the things at DisneylandForward, including a summary what exactly is this project (and it’s not, at least not yet!), and where it is currently located.

What is DisneylandForward?

If you missed the Disney mega-announcement earlier this year, let’s find out exactly what DisneylandForward is all about. In short, the project as it currently stands a proposal in the city of Anaheim, California, to update existing plans that determine Disney’s districts, areas and zones, which are currently limiting from a company standpoint. Disneyland Forward is essentially a push for more flexibility with their district and zoning plans.

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These existing plans were the result of the approval of Anaheim in the 1990s, which was intended to make “guide the growth” of Disneyland Resort as well as other businesses in the area. Disney, however, believes so Disneyland Resort faces planning constraints that limit its ability to bring new experiences to Anaheim Resort. “

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Therefore, if an area owned by Disneyland is zoned to be a hotel, the company currently cannot be flexible in these plans if, for example, they want to expand their theme parks, because this area is divided as a hotel space. , not as a theme park space. . Disney is looking for the flexibility to do with these districts a wider variety of things, such as adding more hotel rooms, expanding its parks, adding more shops and restaurants, and more.

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What DisneylandForward is NOT is a “third door” or “theme park expansion” ad “At least not yet.” The first massive hurdle for Disney before they can announce any expansion is to get approval from the city of Anaheim. to “offer flexibility in the location of permitted uses within The Disneyland Resort.”

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Taking a look at conceptual art, DisneylandForward could bring some interesting changes if passed. Disney shared an interesting list potential ideas that could be explored if they are granted flexible, mixed-use zoning, such as later-themed land Tangled, Peter Pan, i Frozen (already arriving at Tokyo Disney Resort) as well Zootopia (currently coming to Shanghai Disneyland).

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In fact, exciting ads can come in handy. but not until this crucial first step is reached, that is update your existing plans and adopt more flexible, mixed-use planning.

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Where is the project currently located?

According to the company, DisneylandForward is “in the early stages of the process”. Disney is very clear that the project will take a long time before any guest sees the tangible results of DisneylandForward; in fact, Disney has stated that “would implement the project in several phases for the next 30 years or more. “

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Disney is currently “He focused on meeting with the community to explain it DisneylandForward and working with Anaheim City Council to review and finally approve the project. These updated approvals are needed as they allow us to explore new integrated and immersive experiences that could include adding new theme park attractions without having to remove and replace prized attractions and attractions. “

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The most recent update was an implementation notice with the Anaheim City Planning Department, which was introduced in October 2021. The warning was largely an Environmental analysis which addressed all the potential impacts DisneylandForward would have on the city. This process of planning back and forth on these things could take several years before any of these initial decisions are finalized.

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DisneylandForward is in its early stages, and Anaheim will probably take some time to approve the project. Even once approved, it may take a few more years to see the actual results of this approval, such as a theme park, a new hotel, a new dining room, and so on. Of course, we look forward to any updates from Disneyland. Resort in the coming months and years as the project progresses through its approval stages and hopefully becomes a period of exciting growth for Disneyland!

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