3 new 50th anniversary Disney collectibles are now available (but not cheap!)

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We’ve seen a lot of 50th Anniversary Articles published in recent weeks since the celebrations began in October.

Cinderella Castle is ready to continue celebrating its 50th anniversary throughout the year in 2022!

Some items have not been too expensive, while others are priced at $ 1,000! Ara, 3 new 50th anniversary collectibles have arrived online and some are also available in the parks. But we must warn you: they are not cheap!

Recently, 3 NEW 50th Anniversary Watches was available online. We’ve also seen some of these appear in the parks, but it’s great to be able to buy them from the comfort of the couch. Let’s take a look at them.

First we have the new Bulova Cinderella Castle woman’s watch. This is a limited edition article that was created for the 50th anniversary. It features a rose gold-plated stainless steel case, 50 individually handcrafted diamonds in the boxes, a castle design and 50 logo, and more amazing details.

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But if you want this watch, be prepared to pay almost $ 1,000! The watch is currently priced at $ 995 on line.

Click here to take home this Bulova watch!

Below we have the Cinderella Castle Clock for adults in Bulova. This is another watch that was created for the 50th anniversary and features the Castle in the center with the 50th logo. The watch is made of a yellow gold-plated stainless steel case, has a black dial and even has a water resistance of up to 30 m.

50th anniversary clock

Although the price was $ 595 in the picture we took in the parks, the price of this watch online is $ 550. We also found it at Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom in mid-December.

Click here to get the Bulova Cinderella Castle Clock!

Finally, we have the Bulova Mickey Mouse pocket watch. This is another 50th anniversary item and was made for the Vault collection. It is now online and available at Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Cinema.

Pocket watch

It is a gold pocket watch with an extraction chain that includes Mickey Mouse and Cinderella Castle in its design.

Very beautiful!

It comes in a hardwood display case, making it a perfect item to give away to another or have on display.

Another look at the clock

Actually, this is the cheapest of the watches $ 150.

Get your pocket watch here!

Right now you can also pick up the Citizen’s 50th Anniversary Stainless Steel Adult Watch We found it online and also at Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Cinema.

Another new watch

This is priced at $ 250 and has been online for a while longer than others.

Click here to get the Citizen watch!

If you are a watch collector or are looking for a unique Disney gift for someone, and these watches are on your budget, be sure to check them out while they’re still available! Come back with us for more 50th anniversary updates!

Click here to see all the 50th anniversary merchandise you can get online right now!

Which of these watches do you like best? Tell us in the comments!

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